Thursday, March 28, 2013

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall


This is a non-fiction book that starts off with a man whose feet are hurt from running, and he goes on this quest to try and find out the secrets to running free from pain and/or injuries.

There are so many stories within stories. I was able to follow them initially, and I found them quite interesting,  but Christopher continued to pile on more and more stories, and events, and characters... I could not keep it all straight after awhile.

It seems as if Christopher is a person who has a lot going on in his brain, and he literally tried to put everything that he knows about running into this one book. (He could always write more books right?)

I think that the point of this book is the idea that we were all Born to Run, but I am not quite sure about that. (Sorry!)

This book has tons of great reviews soooooo

If you read it and loved it, please tell me what I missed.

On to the next.......

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