Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Father Is a Simple Man by Luis Omar Salinas

The awesome writer Luis Omar Salinas

I was skimming the 9th grade textbook, and I ran across this poem: "My Father Is a Simple Man" by Luis Omar Salinas. Whenever I think of fathers, I have these feelings that cause me to want to cry tears of joy and sorrow. Joy that my father was exactly what I needed, and I wish that every child could have the same. And, sorrow that my father is no longer physically here with us.

My Father Is a Simple Man by Luis Omar Salinas

I walk to town with my father
to buy a newspaper. He walks slower
than I do so I must slow up.
The street is filled with children.
We argue about the price
of pomegranates. I convince
him it is the fruit of scholars.
He has taken me on this journey
and it's been lifelong.
He's sure I'll be healthy
so long as I eat more oranges,
and tells me the orange
has seeds and so is perpetual;
and we too will come back
like the orange trees.
I ask him what he thinks
about death and he says
he will gladly face it when
it comes but won't jump
out in front of a car.
I'd gladly give my life
for this man with a sixth
grade education, whose kindness
and patience are true. . .
The truth of it is, he's the scholar,
and when the bitter-hard reality
comes at me like a punishing
evil stranger, I can always
remember that here was a man
who was a worker and provider,
who learned the simple facts
in life and lived by them,
who held no pretense,
And when he leaves without
benefit of fanfare or applause
I shall have learned what little
there is about greatness.

Ain't nothing like a father who is ALL that his children need!!!

Go out and climb a tree today...

Just playing, but definitely enjoy this day.


Tracy Ricks said...

Our daddy was truly a GREAT man!! Oh how I miss him more and more each day!!!! We were truly blessed!!

Jacqueline said...

Yes, he was!

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