Sunday, November 27, 2011

Part 1: What are you passionate about?

"You are responsible for the energy that you bring into a room (the world)." Oprah Winfrey

I am getting closer to my optimum physical and mental health, and I have really started to think about what I want to project into the universe and get back in return.

I am a person who is full of energy. I wake up energetic, and I maintain that energy throughout most days. I do get tired, and I honor that feeling by resting. So, to the world, I really want to project that energy through my attitude and appearance. At forty-one, I do not want to project that I am a tired thirty year old, and I definitely do not want to project that I am a tired sixty year old; I want to project the vibrant, happy, forty-one year old that I am.

One of my friends, who is in her mid-forties and looks absolutely fabulous, told me about this books that she consults in order to keep her look up-to-date. The book is titled Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet.

I love this style guide, and I must admit that I flip through it often, and I do follow quite a few of the tips, and I am thrilled with the results.

So, stay with me, I'm getting to passion, I promise.

I was flipping through this style guide, and a list for Lifelong Beauty struck me and really made me stop and read, read and reread. Here is the list:
  1. Be well-groomed.
  2. Smell nice.
  3. Look after you teeth. Have them professional cleaned every six months.
  4. Smile.
  5. Be indulgent.
  6. Be nonchalant and forget your age.
  7. Be cooler and more easy-going.
  8. Be less selfish
  10. Do only what suits you. The perfect ZEN attitude.
  11. Accept that there will be bad days. And make the most of the good days!
I absolutely love this list, but #9 struck me and made me stop and think about all of the things that I am passionate about: breakfast, running, biking, teaching literature, the great outdoors/Jesus, fellowshipping, learning, being healthy, and the arts.

Things that I am passionate about are what help to keep me happy from day to day. Without these things, I try and image what my life would be like: slowly waking up, going to work, eating, and doing the same thing the next day. I think, with that kind of life, I would go crazy. I love being passionate.

This is my first of many blogs where I will write about the things that I am passionate about. I am hoping that this series will inspire someone to think about and do the things that he/she are passionate about.

If you already have things that you are passionate about, please share, share, share them so that we can inspire others to discover and do things that they are passionate about often.


Momma and me at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta to see The Nutcracker!

The view while biking in Vermont!

The view while hiking in the Grand Canyon!

The Arts!
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