Friday, August 19, 2011

"I Get It"

My Hybrid Bike that's holding me back!
In a previous post, I talked about waiting. I wrote that post late at night, and I'm not really sure why.

I really pondered if there was anything that I was waiting to do, and I could not think of anything. However, on a recent bike tour in Vermont, I learned a lot about waiting and fear. I think I was shown a possible reason why people wait: Fear.

I have this wonderful hybrid bike that I really love. It's light, fast, and cute. I really get a kick out of riding it. But, sometimes when I ride it, I get extremely tired. I thought that I needed to do more squats and run more in order to strengthen my legs so that I could have better rides.

However, In Vermont, I was riding with an older couple from San Francisco, and I just could not keep up. I observed them as they gracefully rode hills and flat surface; they were really doing some good, solid, hard riding. I was holding my own but could not keep up with them. The difference between the older couple and me was our bikes. They had those super, powerful bikes that I feared.

Finally, it dawned on me, my bike was the problem, and I had to ask myself, "What was I waiting on to buy a bike that would help me to ride to my full potential?"

The reasons why I was waiting was fear: fear of the speed and power of the bike, those foot clips etc. Me, who will drive across the country by myself, afraid to take my bike riding to a new level. Imagine that? I had to ask myself, "Waiting for What?"

I talked to the ladies who were leading our tour, and I let them know that I really wanted to have more graceful rides.

The tour leaders assessed my bike and my body, (They actually said that I have a strong body, and I almost couldn't receive that, but I did, because I know the difficulty of my workouts.) and they told me that my bike was definitely holding me back. They even suggested that I try one of their powerful bikes. WAIT popped in my mine, but I instantly got that thought out of my mind and told the leaders "let's try it."

After riding for 36 miles on my hybrid bike, I was beat. However, the tour leader knocked on my door, and we rode for another hour so that she could give me pointers on how to ride a faster, more powerful bike.

The next two days, I actually rode that powerful bike. Riding it was so liberating; hills and valleys were ridden with an ease and comfort that I had never felt before.

As soon as I get back home, my old hybrid will be happily sold to the highest bidder.

I've faced my fears and is no longer waiting; I'm pleading with you to do the same with whatever it is that you are waiting to do.

Bike that I want!


Tracy Ricks said...

WOW! That's awesome! As Rexie Jr.(our 7 year old son) Constantly remind me, we must face our fears!. Lol I am doing some serious thinking right now. Trying to make sure NOTHING is holding me back. I an in total agreement for a buyer for your old bike and the full payment for the new one! To thine ownself ALWAYS be true!! Another GREAT blog!

Jacqueline Stallworth said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm in agreement that I will sell my old bike quickly and then I'll be a riding fool.

Sherrone said...

I have been waiting to "Live". I thought I had to get the husband, salary, car etc... Now I am growing and maturing and know that I can't wait on my life I gotta go get it!

Jacqueline Stallworth said...

Sherrone, thanks for reading. Today is the day: "Seize the Day."

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