Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterday was a GOOD Day!!!!!

At one of my favorite places on Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is where I dwell. Everyday, I use to purposefully think about all of the things that I was Thankful for, and now, being Thankful is what I do with no effort. I am constantly in a state of gratitude.

Yesterday, quite a few of my friends ran in the 5K race that is called the Turkey Trot. It's a run to benefit the homeless. I was not planning to run the race, but I was so excited for my friends who were doing the race. They were posting their pictures on FB, and  this really made me happy.

I decided that I would ride my bike to meet them at the race. I left home around 10 or 11, and when I got to Freedom Plaza, all of the runners were gone...but, I did get a text from my friend, Toya, to let me know that "Winter Running Rocks." This warmed my heart, because if a person would only give winter running a try, it is very easy to find out how enjoyable it can be. I was so happy that Toya got to experience that joy and experience it on Thanksgiving day with so many other people.

So, since all of the runners were gone, I sat down at Freedom Plaza and gave Thanks for FREEDOM, because it is a beautiful thing.

Me at Freedom Plaza

I rode around the capital and took in all of the DC sights, and purposefully ended up at one of my favorite places in DC: The Dr. King Memorial. I just happened to run into Ron. Ron and I and a whole lot of other people use to hang out when I first moved to DC. I could spend quite a while talking about the times that we shared. Deanna, my friend who recently died, use to hang out with this group. Ron was in disbelief when I told him that Deanna had moved to a "new house" in the sky. So, we took this picture in her honor:

Ron and Me!

Then, I thought, I might as well go to Arlington cemetery to check on Medgar Evers, and I did. So Thankful for my ancestors who were willing to die for our Freedom.

Riding back home, I thought about so many people, and my health, and my life, and how God gives us choices......

However, my day got even better!!!

I went to Toya and Shawn's house for dinner, and they sure know how to make people feel at home. Someone was frying a turkey in the backyard, someone was watching TV, someone was getting dressed etc. Soon, everything came together perfectly, and the night was so good for the soul: good laughter, food, people, games, trash talking.

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with quite a few people whom I care about, and I felt bad that I was not able to go to all of their houses, but this time, I made the right choice. I love the Franks and how they create love in their home.

Toya and Shawn Franks!
Toya and me at their wedding!

So, Thanksgiving 2012 was a GOOD DAY filled with so many things to be Thankful for!!!!

I hope that all of my readers had a GOOD DAY yesterday...


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