Thursday, April 26, 2018

Seven Years Y’all!

It’s My Anniversary! 

Earlier this week, I walked into the gym and said to Berhane, my trainer, “Our anniversary is on Thursday.”

We talked about how time really moves fast, and change seems to happen really slowly, because most changes do not happen overnight. I told him that I would love to see a picture of the inside of my body when I first started working out with him to compare that image to how the inside of my body looks after working out with him and being mindful of my diet for SEVEN years. Yes, I’ve been working out with Berhane for SEVEN years.

Sometimes I am not as mindful of my diet as I should be, and that’s when he states “We need to work on your diet, and a new diet shows up in my email.”

One thing for sure... If I make up my mind that I am going to do something, I go ALL THE WAY.  I don’t test it; I go ALL THE WAY. When I started working out with Berhane, I decided that I would go ALL THE WAY. I do ALL of the crazy exercises that he want me to do, such as, lunges the length of an entire football field in the middle of Virginia's, HOT summers.

I watch my diet most of the time. However, I went through a period where I thought I could introduce wine back into my life, and lo and behold, my stomach started showing it. So, now I am not drinking alcohol unless it’s Tuskegee’s Homecoming or some other occasion where I will drink alcohol without an ounce of guilt.

Y’all, this is a journey that I love, and I don’t do it for nobody but me. I DO IT FOR MYSELF. I get up every, single morning, and I look at my naked body in a full length mirror, and assess my stomach, thighs, and butt. Normally, with no judgment, I just get a good look at myself daily, and I start my day.

When I started working out with Berhane SEVEN years ago, I did not think about how long I would be with him. But, I knew that I was committed to my health for a lifetime.

SEVEN years later, and I am still committed!

Y’all, don’t be afraid of committing.....

It’s My Anniversary.

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