Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Idol!!!

Patty and Me

I love working out with the greatest trainer in the World, Berhane, plan and simple! I look forward to my workouts the same way that a kid may look forward to Christmas, or eating a piece of cake, or seeing his favorite teacher.

Because I sometimes switch up the times that I workout, Berhane was expecting me at 6pm today and not when I showed up at four. He told me that another client was on the way. I stated boldly "I guess you will have to train us together today." (As much as I look forward to my workouts, there was no way that I was going home.)

I have seen Patty, the client whom I would workout with, from time to time in passing; she is normally coming as I am leaving. We all agreed that we would workout together. (Everything happens for a reason.)

Patty got so excited and stated: "I get to workout with my idol."

Me, somebody's idol, no way! But she seemed quite excited to workout with me, and I was equally excited to workout with her.

In conversation it came up that Patty is in stage three of breast cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy. She has two more rounds of chemotherapy to go through, and she will have a mastectomy sometime soon. (And I am her idol? No way........)

One thing about Berhane, he works his clients hard, not just hard, but extremely hard, and today with Patty and her cancer and me, Berhane had no pity on us! Patty asked "Does he always work you this hard?" I was thinking the same thing about her, but I already knew the answer. NOBODY has an easy workout with Berhane!

So, this is what Patty and I did today:

Attempting to smile after that ridiculously, difficult workout!

Patty has many reasons to not workout, be depressed, stop living, but Patty has decided to do what brings her joy and lifts her spirits until it's over, and "it ain't over yet."

Patty is "MY IDOL!"

My people, Make no excuses.....


Marilyn said...

I have met Patty at Berhane's also. She is a true inspiration!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Marilyn.

You know that you are quite awesome as well...

Ree said...

Thanks Jack and Patty!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for reading Ree!

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