Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joy and Pain; Sunshine and Rain

Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain, Up and Down, all go together right? You really can't have one without the other.

So, yesterday after I wrote that post about how I love my job, all " Hell Broke Loose.'

I talked to a students about her grade, and she stormed out of the room and shouted: "I hate this f@#$ class. I let that slide off my back; I've heard the bad word before and have even used it. So, No big deal. Then another student, after been told that he would not be able to go to the library again because of his behavior, went completely crazy, and said some other inappropriate words that I have heard and used before. So, No big deal.

I also realized that another student was moved out of my class and into another class, and I had no say in that decision and was not informed that she was going to be moved; it just happened. Communication is key in a school, and this really got under my skin, but I shook that off  too or so I thought.

Later that same day I was working away on that pile of papers that I needed to grade, and I realized that I needed to go to a team meeting.

All 9th grade teachers and students are on teams. The students, on a team, take all of their core classes together: science, English, history, and we basically form a team. It is such a middle school concept, but we make the best of things sometimes right? I like the idea of teams, but the team meetings and all of the extra stuff can be a bit to much at times, especially when I really needed to grade those 11 million papers.

The meeting was a good, purposeful meeting, but it took up over an hour of my precious time.... far to much!!

We were told during the meeting that a certain student has until the end of the quarter to complete makeup work. (The end of the quarter! What the hell......) 

The news about the student and all of the other stuff that transpired after I wrote that post, caused me to really, I mean really feel some kind of way that was not pleasant. (So, Thankful for patient and understanding teammates.)

After the meeting, I taught my last class, and the student who stated "I hate this F#@$ class," came back to get a grade adjustment, and I got the chance to talk to her about her outburst. I got the feeling that she got IT, and we made peace; I hope!!!

At the end of the day, I changed into my running gear and had a good run with a friend and fellow teacher.... (Boy, did I need that run today.)

I thought about my previous post, and I thought about the idea that with any job, person, event; we must accept the good with the bad. Just because this day took a turn for the worse, I had to confirm to myself that I still love reading, and teaching, and high school children, and my school, and my teammates etc.

Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain, Up and Down... We need one in order to appreciate the other.

People, I'm working on not letting a few bad events shape how I feel about my job, people, where I live.......

It's finally Thursday, and I still love my job!!!!

What I wanted to do at the end of the day!


Ree said...

Jack, it happens! That's the work of they enemy. You've proven yourself to be too strong to be moved by the events of that one day!

Jacqueline said...

It happens, and we get back up and try again. Thankful for new days...Thanks for the comment.

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