Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning

I know that I decided that Thursday is the day when I will write about something that I am Thankful for, but today, Monday Morning, I must give thanks for early mornings.

I absolutely love early mornings; they are so quiet and peaceful. I really believe that God loves early mornings as well; he can do a lot of his thinking about and planning for us, without many distractions.

This morning my alarm went off at 5:30. (I really did not need the alarm, because I automatically wake up at 5:30.) I got up, ate my oatmeal, drank my green tea, and scurried to boot camp with non other then the greatest trainer on earth, Berhane. (This summer, on days when I am not doing personal training, Berhane told me that he expects to see me at boot camp. Oh, what will we do when we are expected to be somewhere! Join a group today.) There were about seven other people at the camp, and we did a workout that was true Berhane style: running up and down a hill with a twenty pound vest on, pulling about 35 pounds as we ran, push-ups and all of the other things that I find to be a bit extreme for 6am, but afterwards my energy was to the roof.

I left the workout, went home and ate, washed clothes, unpacked from my weekend trip, and wrote this post. And, while on the subject of what I accomplished after my workout, I went grocery shopping. Let's talk about the grocery store in the early morning. My, my, my....quiet, peaceful, orderly, the people working are friendly etc. I love the grocery store in the early morning.

Now, I am sitting on my balcony looking at one of the most beautiful views, birds are chirping, and I am at peace.....

Oh, the joy of early morning! Try it.............

By the way, I will be posting about a novel soon; I am reading a book that Toni Morrison loves, and it ain't an easy read, and so it is taking me a while to finish. The post about this novel is coming soon, I promise.

Enjoy this Wonderful Monday!

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Tracy Ricks said...

Great!! I really enjoyed this blog!!

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