Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Time to Gather.....

Every Thursday this summer, I am going to write about something that I am grateful for. I will have Thankful Thursdays to remind myself and my readers that everyday, all day, every week, we have something to be Thankful for. I do not want to waste my time worrying about problems but really focusing on things that I am soooo grateful to have in my life.

So, today I am grateful for "time to gather"....

When I go hiking with my students during the winter, it appears that many of the trees are dead. Those leaves that are normally on the trees are gone. However, there is something about being in the woods in the winter that I really love. I think it is the quietness and stillness that I really enjoy. Knowing that the trees are not dead but are living off of what they 'gathered' from the summer, really leaves me appreciative of the many wonders of nature.

"First, like other plants facing winter, plants that perform winter photosynthesis spend time during the spring and summer storing energy. Some plants even have bulbs or tubers that hold the energy in special collections of starch cells for them. In the cold months, plants can convert these starch cells back to simple sugars that can be used to produce energy for the plant's system, or to provide energy for new growth in the springtime. Plants that grow throughout the winter also tend to store energy to help them get by in the cold months."

So, this summer, I am going to be like plants and 'gather' and store for the winter!

I will spend a lot of time in quiet meditation talking to and hearing from my creator.

I wake up energetic! I normally get to work around 7am, and I do something early every Saturday and Sunday morning. But this summer, I am going to be mindful to slow down and enjoy the stillness of the morning and everything that each day may bring. I am going to 'gather' slowing down and "smelling the roses."

I will spend time reading whatever I really want to read, and I will also read things for school. I know that school will start and time to read and plan for school will be limited, so I am going to 'gather' in the summer for the fall.

I will spend this time doing a lot of random unplanned things where I will not have to worry about time. I will visit every museum in DC, go to see plays, do great bike rides, hang out with friends, travel etc.

I am also going to look for, 'gather,' and perfect great recipes. Once school starts back, I get busy, and I ended up eating the same things over and over. However, this fall, I am planning to incorporate my new meals that I 'gather' into my diet.

Today, I am sooooo grateful for time to 'gather!'

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I really like that!! I will do the

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