Saturday, June 30, 2012

They are doing their part!

(Random thoughts about our health!)

Are we doing ours?

It is evident that President Obama and Michelle Obama care about their health. I saw an interview that they did before they were in The White House and Michelle stated that she would get up at 4:30am in order to do her workouts. Often in interviews, since being in the White House, they talk about working out.

I had the the pleasure of seeing The President up close, and it is evident that this man works out and eats things that are good for his body most of the time. In order for him to keep up with his daily schedule, we know that he must workout and eat right. Also, we all know that The President does not have the belly fat that a lot of men seem to get overtime, which is a great indicator that he is taking care of his health.

My, my, my!!!

Even with his extremely busy schedule, it is evident that he finds time to workout. Yea, we can say that if we had people to train us and cook our meals, we would be healthy as well. Well, we all know quite a few people with money who are overweight and not healthy, so having the means to get help does not mean that a person will just automatically be healthy.

Michelle seems to know the benefits of being healthy. Just look at her body. The body does not lie and is a great indicator of whether a person is working out and eating things that are good for his/her body. You don't look like Michelle Obama by sitting on the couch and eating whatever you want too.

She sure has inspired me to work on my legs by running, doing squats
and wear shorter shorts that I absolutely love wearing!

Me in shorts!

Evidently, The Obama's want everyone to be more healthy. President Obama worked his ass off to get this healthcare bill passed. The #1 thing that I love about this bill is that we no longer have to pay the co-pay for preventive medicine: physicals, pap smears, mammograms etc. Michelle must be on the same page with her husband, because she started the Let's Move campaign. She wants to stomp out childhood obesity, and I am figuring that if a child is healthy, the child will grow up to be a healthy adult and will not bankrupt the health care system with treating people in records numbers for illness related to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

So, I have been thinking a lot about Obamacare and will it actually work to help people be more healthy, and I sadly think not. I know people with health insurance who have not been to the doctor in years. I know people who are told that their cholesterol and/or blood pressure is high, and they will not make the necessary changes that are needed in order to fully restore their bodies to perfect health. I know people who are in pretty good health and bad health who continue to eat McDonald's, drink sodas, eat an abundance of sugar, and not workout, not thinking that one day the body will retaliate and stop functioning to its highest potential.

Doing things that are not good for our bodies undermines Obamacare, Let's Move, and any other things that they Obamas may try to implement in order to help people live a healthier life.

When it comes to my health, I've decided that I will work with the Obamas and not against them. Yea, I want to support them, but I also do not want any health issues that I can prevent through my diet and exercise.

The Obamas are doing their part, why don't we do ours!!!!!!!

People, what are your thoughts on this issue that is really huge and really concerns me and a whole lot of other people?

I want to leave you with Michelle taking the Let's Move program to DC public schools:


Tracy Ricks said...

AWESOME!! I totally agree!

dorothyreed19 said...

Nothing left to say but "AMEN"!!!

Jacqueline said...

Tracy and Dot I wonder if we can find a way to help the Obama's. Maybe, travel the world and talk about

dorothyreed19 said...

Sign me up. LoL

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