Monday, April 29, 2013

I Will Mend!!!


I know this bad a@# biker named Will...

When I say bad a@#, I mean it.

He writes this awesome blog, and most of his post are about races that he do out in the woods somewhere.

Can you image someone biking 100 miles, on a mountain bike, in the woods, and in the rain?

Well....that is some of the s#$% that Will does, and every one of his post makes me want to push harder.

Will makes me feel as if I have not even tapped into my potential yet.

I read one of his blogs titled "I Will Mend," and it inspired me so much until I HAD to get permission to share it with my readers whom I know will appreciate it and be completely inspired.

Here it is.

Be inspired, My People!



Tracy Ricks said...

Awesome and very inspirational! You guys rock!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Tracy.

Angie D. said...

Hey Jackie, great post! As I read this I am sitting in a hotel in London, England! I have always wanted to come for years and tired of waiting so now was the time. Its my first solo trip abroad too. you know how much I love to travel and one of my resolutions I wrote at the beginning of the year was to travel more internationally even if I had to go by myself. So here I am and loving it. I navigated my way from the airport on public transportation no less. Tomorrow I am doing the hop on hop off bus tour to see all the sites. Very excited.

Jacqueline said...

Angie, I really appreciate you reading and leaving a comment ALL the way from London, England.

We were created to be incredible and to live incredible lives, and you are a perfect example of that.

One thing about God, when we make one step, he open the doors WIDE. I have no doubt that you will meet awesome people and have the time of your life.

Until we meet again.....

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