Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yep, that's The White House in the Background

(Lots of random thoughts again, because I feel the need to write.)

With friends at the White House!

It does not take much to make me extremely happy!

Something like a song that I really like randomly playing on Pandora is enough for me to stand in front of a full length mirror and dance, dance, dance.

Yesterday, I did this bike ride called The Hills of Anacostia with a local bike shopI contacted one of my cycling friends to see if she would do this ride with me. So, she and I and some other riders did this extremely, hilly ride, and all that I can say is that this ride made me so happy.

We rode all over DC, and ain't nothing like riding a bike through the streets of DC, and.....

It's Cherry Blossom season, and DC has this huge, annual Cherry Blossom Parade. Near the end of the bike ride, we rode in the area where people were getting ready to perform in the parade. It made me so happy to see the bands, the floats, the groups, all lined up in anticipation of this incredible parade. 

After that ride, my level of happiness and excitement was so high until I decided to use that energy to pull out my summer clothes and store away my winter clothes. 

When I walked into my house today, and my closets were neat and colorful, this made me smile to myself. Who doesn't love a organized, colorful closet?

Today, In church, I sat next to this elderly man who could have been my father's age, and I do not know why, but this made me happy.

The choir started singing this song that says "I surrender all," and that made me happy, because I really have surrendered my entire life to God, and it felt so good to sing those words today.

After church, I received a message from Gerald, who lives in New Jersey, and he called to say "Hi" and to let me know that he was in the area visiting his daughter who is a freshmen at a local college. To make a long story short, thanks to my friend Nancy,  Gerald and his daughter accompanied me to The White House Garden Show. Being on The White House Lawn, with friends, in the most pleasant weather, made me incredibly happy.

Yep, I was at The White House AGAIN.... FAVOR IS KNOCKING ME DOWN, and I like it!

The White House Garden!

Nothing life-altering happened this weekend, but quite a few small things happened that caused me to have little bouts of happiness, and I am planning to carry this happiness into next week.

I am grateful for happiness today!!!!!

Does anyone else get joy from being happy.......


Carole said...

Jacqueline, this made me think of all the people in Boston affected by the bombs at the Marathon. What a terrible thing!

Jacqueline said...

You know Carole, I can't stop thinking about that tragedy, and how someone can destroy someone else's happiness in an instant! I hope that the runners keep running, and the fans keep watching......

Carole said...

Jacqueline, thank you for replying to my comment. Hope to see you over at Carole's Chatter soon. Cheers.

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