Thursday, March 19, 2015

Good Night by Nikki Giovanni

Remember that little book of poetry that I absolutely love?

Well, here is another wonderful poem from that book...

"Good Night"
           Nikki Giovanni             
It is late
I stand
In front of your desk
Saying something inane
You fiddle with papers
Not looking at anything
Works is over yet
We stay 

I smile
You are, after all, very cute

We leave the building 
Like it doesn't matter

There is a beautiful moon 
We say Good Night

I unhurriedly stroll to my car 
Humming some 1950s love song

I speed-limit home
Walk my dog
Give fresh water to the birdbaths
Eat my dinner
Choose my clothes for tomorrow
Set the timer
Slide between my bamboo sheets
And dream
Of you 

Nikki has a way with words.....

Try this awesome little book!

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