Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Top Three Things That Are On My Mind!

There are lots of things on my mind today, but I decided to narrow my list down to the top three:

Hill Climbing!

I am an aspiring hill killer. Yea, I want to slay hills on my bike. Whenever I see a big hill, especially during a race, it's like my brain completely panics, and I don't know what to do at all. It's really crazy. I can ride and ride strong, so what in the world happens?

I have talked to millions and millions of people, watched videos, and read blogs, thinking that there is a secret to killing hills that I just don't know. So far, I have not been able to uncover that secret trick. However, the search to uncover this magic trick continues.

I feel sort of like Santiago from The Alchemist, seeking that hidden treasure that is surely already inside of me.

I am sure that one day soon, I will be climbing a hill, and the secret to riding them will be revealed.

If you need me, you can find me on a hill, frantically searching for that hidden treasure.


I just love having things to look forward to. Yea, I am very conscious about staying in the moment, but I also love excitedly anticipating NEXT.

A few weeks back, I found out that I would be presenting on Teaching Diverse Novels at the AP conference, and I have been going over, in my brain, my presentation. I have been envisioning myself standing before thousands, and this is an exaggeration, transferring my love for diverse novels to every person under the sound of my voice. My people, just thinking about the possibility of reaching teachers, who will reach students, makes my heart sooooo glad.

Also, do you remember me telling you that I applied to two summer programs? Well, I got an email yesterday stating that I was accepted to the program of my choice; I'll be at Colgate University in NY studying abolitionism and the Underground Railroad. EXCITED!!!

I instantly accepted the offer, and then I sent an email asking the director of the program about cycling possibilities, and lo and behold, he knows some cyclists and is going to connect me with them so that I can get my cycle on while in NY.


So, I will be studying a topic that I love and riding my bike all over Hamilton, NY.

I am looking forward to my summer community whom I can read, study, and cycle with.


My Village!

A few nights back, I attended a program at The National Archives on The Women of the Civil Rights Movement.  A women stood up and asked a question, and I don't remember the question, but I definitely remember the answer, and it was something like this: "What makes you (woman) think that you have to do things all by yourself. Being this Strong Black Woman is killing us. Call on your village."

This statement really stuck out to me, and I am so grateful that I have a village of people who are in my corner, and when I embark on almost anything like cycle racing, applying to a summer program, presenting at a conference, dating, having courageous conversations, I heavily lean on my village for love, support, encouragement, and whatever else that I may need to help me along the way.

I need my village!!!

What's on your mind, My People?

Happy Tuesday.....

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