Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ordinary People Who Did Big Things!

Today feels likes the night before Christmas; not sure what to expect but you know to expect something good.

I picked up my mom, my favorite road traveling companion, and we made our way to Montgomery in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the famous Selma march.

On the road, moma did most of the talking, and she talked a bit about Dr. King, the Civil Rights Movement, and what she was doing during that time:

"I was home with my children; Cynthia was ten and Dot was eight, and I had the rest of the children."

"Dr. King was the first man to inspire me. Even if I was washing clothes and he came on TV, I would stop to listen."

I listened and thought and thought and thought, and was happy to share this time with my moma.

We made it to Montgomery to meet up with my nephew and his family, and we all made a pre-trip to SELMA to participate in a conversation on race. The honorable Maxine Waters was on the panel and other dignitaries. The discussion was in a small auditorium, at a small college in Selma, Concordia University, with regular people "Who Matter."

What I love about going to a huge march and march related events in small towns like Selma is that everything is small and there are a lot of ordinary people who are in the spotlight. We talked to a few people who live in Selma who were excited to talk to us about the march and to give us driving directions. I am so happy that it is their moment.

The movement would not have been possible without the people of Selma who were willing to get behind Dr. King.
Ordinary People Who Did Big Things!

Can't wait to get to Selma today....

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