Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Dreaming

Today, I am fondly thinking of summer......

Most people's time is dictated by their jobs. Our jobs decide when we go to bed, get up, take vacations, exercise. Basically, our jobs dictate our lives. It's not necessary a bad thing, because I know that there are lots of people who would have no clue what to do with unstructured time so, planning our lives around our jobs works for most people.

I go to all three of my favorite grocery stores on Sundays. Before I go to the grocery store, I normally think about what I want for lunch and dinner for the next week, and I buy what I need for the week while I'm at the grocery store. If I am planning to go out on Sunday evening, I will cook enough food for lunch and dinner for the week around 1 or 2. But, if I am not planning to go out, I will cook later. Same thing almost every Sunday....blah, blah, blah!

However, once school gets out, I no longer have to be on a schedule that is dictated by my job. I can use the Sabbath to go out and see the world instead of going to the grocery store to prepare for the next week. I can go to the grocery store whenever I want to because in the summer, my time is FLEXIBLE. I go to bed whenever I want to, I get up whenever I want to, I cook whenever I want to, I go out whenever I want to ...Oh, the joys of summer!

I know for some people who are not teachers, summer mentally starts at different times, but for many teachers, summer starts the very last day of school and for me, "that's when I feel like I am the boss of me." No more job telling me what to do and when to do it; I plan my very own schedule that is dictated around my workouts, trips, parties, the pool etc... (Freedom is happiness to me!)

So, here are some of my summer plans that is not dictated by my job but by my freedom:

1. I will go to every museum in DC whenever I want to, and I do not have to wait until the weekend. I will go during the week or whenever I want to....Morning or evening! Also, when I am at the museum, I do not have to rush. I am not on a clock, and therefore I can take my time.  I can sit in a cafe at the museum and read, look at one exhibit and leave, look at all of the exhibits and take all day or do whatever else that my heart desires. I will travel to the beach often. I'm very lucky that there are quite a few beaches that are within driving distance, and I can go during the week if my heart so desires. I am lucky that my condo has a pool, and I go there whenever I get a free moment. I think of the pool as my living room, and I go there to read and relax. I will still see my trainer three times a week, but I will workout with him late morning so that I can spend my early mornings sitting on my balcony enjoying the quiet of the morning. (Oh, the joys of summer!)

2. I am going to Chicago for the 4th of July. I make it my business to go to Chicago during the summer, because I absolutely love that place in the summer. A few friends know that I am going, and I have had quite a few friends get their flights, and they will be joining me. Also, my dear friend, T. Smith, is turning the big 4.0. that week, and you know that I could not miss that. There is nothing big planned for my visit in Chicago, but there will be a lot of unstructured time where I will do whatever comes up, and a whole lot seems to come up whenever I am in Chicago.

3. My sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary during the month of July, and I have lots of friends who are coming to DC. I am so happy that I will not have to think about going to work. I can hang out until my body can no longer take it, and then I can sleep until I feel like getting up....I will not need to rush home because of my job; I can go out and stay out as long as I want to.

4. My friend, Chan, is having a party in Charlotte, in July, and I am going to try and fit that in. Chan's parties are not regular parties, but they are PARTEES for sure. They are worth traveling for, and after the party, I can rest as long as I need to....No work baby!!!

5. I have two biking trips planned, and I am sooo looking forward to these two trips. Days of upon days of seeing cities by bike. Also, when I do these biking trip, I normally meet some of the greatest people. For one of my trips, I emailed the details to a few friends, and three of my friends have paid the deposit and are going on this trip. (Ain't nothing like friends who can and will travel.)

6. You know that there is no way that I will have time off and not visit my momma in Atlanta. Yep, I will go to Atlanta and more than likely take my bike and revert back to being a child. Something about being in my mom's house puts me at peace. I sleep late, take naps, take her wherever she wants to go. The best rest that I get really.......

Yes, yes, yes, I maximize my time that is not dictated by my job, but is dictated by me...

I am definitely not looking forward to retirement, but I am looking forward to longer periods of time that are structured by me.....

Let's make the most of EVERYDAY!


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