Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It Was All About Cycling!

4th Annual National Brotherhood of Cyclist Conference Attendees!

Last weekend in Columbus, Ohio, I attended my very first cycling conference. I've been cycling for about ten years. I started off with a bike from Walmart, and I kept moving up until I got to my road bike. And, my road bike completely changed my life. Once I got a road bike, I was able to ride with groups, and riding with groups caused me to completely fall in love with cycling.

So, a conference would not be a conference without workshops, a banquet, and socializing right? And, this conference had all of that plus lots of cycling.

There were workshops on custom frame building, Columbus Trails and Roadways, Women in Cycling, Cycling Across the U.S, The Health Benefits of Cycling and many more.

The Workshops:

Columbus Trails and Roadways!
Women and Cycling
Nelson Vails presented on being an Olympic Cyclist
Health Panelist with Olympic Cyclist Nelson Vails
Cycling Across the USA workshop
Keynote Speaker at the Banquet: Olympic Track Star, Butch Reynolds
Lady Cyclist at the Banquet: We ride with The Big Boys,
and we clean up well!
The Rides:


The four day conference Was All About Cycling....

Now, be very careful with the media, and the messages that it puts out. I have been reading the articles, and I know that you have been reading them also about African Americans and cycling. It appears that the media wants us to believe that African Americans just started cycling. Well, I want you know that many of these predominately African American cycling clubs have been around for a long time, some as long as 50 plus years.

If you don't cycle at all, let me tell you that it is a lot of fun, it burns tons of calories, it is an absolutely great workout, and it is a very social sport.

If you want to start cycling, I recommend that you buy a bike, it does not need to be expensive, and ride. And, I guarantee that you will feel like a happy kid.

This conference was good for my body, soul, and mind...

My very own NBC 2013 conference jersey!


Check out the link above for pix of the 2013 National Brotherhood of Cyclist – Major Taylor Cycling Conference.



Alexas Heals said...

Its a very nice post.Thanks for sharing this amazing pictures. Cycling is my hobby.I wish i could join this conference.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Alexas, sorry about the slow response.. anyone can come to the conference; all you need is a bike. Check out the Major Taylor page.

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