Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I Know For Sure Thursday: We Can't Take Life To Seriously, because...

God does have a sense of humor!

It has taken me 40 plus years to realize that life can not be taken to seriously. So, let me give you a great example of why we can't take life to seriously....

Tuesday night I did a 16 mile hill bike ride, and Wednesday morning I did a 61 mile hill bike ride. After those two rides, I did not want to see my bike again. I even told myself that I would not get on my bike again until next Tuesday or Wednesday, and I meant that.

This morning I thought that I had a 10:30 dentist appointment. The dentist office is about three miles from my house so, if I left home around 10:10, that would be just fine. Lo and behold, I got outside and one of the tires was flat on my truck. I didn't get upset, because I have learned to not take life to seriously. My first mind thought that I should call the dentist to cancel, but my next mind thought that I should call the dentist and tell him that I would be a little late and ride my bike to his office. My second mind won, and my legs were not happy at all. (God does have a sense of humor.)

I called the dentist, and the receptionist told me that my appointment was actually at 10:50, and I had time to make it by bike. Well, after riding for 61 miles for over five hours, my hind parts were a bit sore, and all of my padded biking shorts were in the washer, and I could not wait for them to dry. So, I had to bike to the dentist without my padded shorts. (God does have a sense of humor.)

When I got to the dentist office, the receptionist stated "So, you've had a bad morning," and I thought about it and replied "No, it has not been bad at all." (We can't take life to seriously.)

I left the office with clean teeth, and called AAA to come and check on my tire, and I decided to stop by Wholefoods for a snack. After my snack, I was riding at a snail's pace towards home, I got a call from AAA stating that they were at my house. Oh my, my legs just couldn't move faster, but they had to. (God does have a sense of humor.)

I finally made it home, and the nicest AAA guy put air in my tire, and told me that I needed to go and have that tire checked. But wait, I had a 2:30 hair appointment, and I didn't have time to get that tire checked. However, they urged me to go and get the tire checked right away, and I did.

After about 40 minutes, the tire problem was solved, and I was on the way home. However, it dawned on me that I had the wrong tire checked. So, I had to go back and wait about 30 more minutes to get the right tire checked. (God does have a sense of humor.)

Much later than scheduled, I did make my hair appointment, and now I am home...

And, all I can say is "Today was a good day!"

People, We Can't Take Life To Seriously, because God does have a sense of humor.

Happy What I Know For Sure Thursday!


Carol said...

Sounds like you've got a sense of humour too!

Jacqueline said...

Carol, thanks for stopping by 'The Big Sea.' A sense of humor is very important in this life, and this I know for sure!

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