Friday, June 7, 2013

Children Need a Village!

Student with Angie!

One of our students absolutely love cycling, and you already know how I feel about my bicycle and cycling......

My co-worker, Angie, and I lovingly fight about this student. I think that he is my kid, and she thinks that he is her kid. However, he does not say anything as we are fighting, but he does look at us like "What is wrong with these ladies; I got a momma?"

So, this student wants to be on a racing team, and he needs $150.00 for the Kit. (A kit is a matching jersey and shorts with the team logo on it.)

Angie sent an email out to a few people in our school to let them know of the student's desire, and the student is going to be on that racing team with a brand new kit.

Children need a village, and this kid has one!

At a bike festival with his moms!

Please read this article about this awesome kid!

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Tracy Ricks said...

Now THAT'S awesome!!!

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