Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rock and Roll DC

(This post is for my running friends D. Marshall, Corey, Tracey, Grant, and Reggie)

Representing New Orleans, Atlanta, Mobile and Mt. Vernon, Alabama!

I must start this post by talking about D. Marshall, fellow Tuskegee graduate. D. Marshall is a master organizer. He will send out a mass text or email inviting people to different events or his and Erika's, his wife, house. And, when he contacts people, people show up with no questions asked; It will be a gooooood time for all.

D. and Erika Marshall

Well, D. Marshall sent an email out to quite a few people asking us to run the Rock and Roll half marathon in  DC with him. Tracey and Grant had already already signed up, and then more of this running crew signed up.. 

Emails have been going back and forth with updates on our training and opportunities for training! This was quite exciting for me. It was encouraging to get an email from someone stating "I ran seven miles today."

If I commit to something; I do it, but.....

The week of the race, the meteorologists were predicting the weather to be about 37 degree with rain. I let my running people know that there was no way that I was going to run in cold weather and rain. I knew that they would talk about me real bad, but I was just going to take it this time.

The morning of the race I got up at 5:30 and there was no rain, I got up at 6am and there was no rain. I checked the weather channel and it stated that it was 51 degrees and it was going to start raining around 7. Soooo, I left my house and got to the starting point in time to run the race. (I sure was hoping for rain!!!)

My people, I am so happy that the meteorologists were wrong. I ran this race with my friends with no rain. This race was good for the body and the soul!!!!! (People Need Other People!)

It was so great to see Corey and D Marshall on the course. Grant passed me and gave me a high five and that gave me a boost that I needed. Corey caught up with me, and we ran together for a while and talked much trash about that big a@# hill that was on the course. Around mile 11, D. Marshall and I met up and finished the race together...Oh, how I needed D. Marshall when he showed up. (People need other people!)

After the race, we all met up at our meeting spot that was decided upon by D. Marshall, and we laughed and talked and eventually left... My body was sore, but my soul was happy!!!

We look good after running 13.1 miles RIGHT????

We finished together!

Reggie is running in the Marine Corp Marathon in October!

The Dream Team!!!

I wanted an out, but I didn't get it soooo.......

The rain held up, and we ran the race.

I can't wait for OUR next one.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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