Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Second Chances......

I've been reading my students' essays on Romeo and Juliet, and I was feeling that self-doubt that I sometimes feel as a teacher. The first seven or eight papers were not on the right track at all. I was beginning to wonder if I did my job of helping them to write their essays.

However, I got to essay number eight and nine, and THEY GOT IT!

Oh, how I really needed that confirmation...

If all of the papers were completely in left field somewhere, then that would mean that as teacher, I failed at teaching that lesson and would need to reteach the steps to write this particular type of essay. 

But, I am sooo thankful that I do not need to reteach ALL of the students, but provide more details for those students who are somewhere in left field; I did not totally miss the mark this time.

I bet you did not know that this much thought went into teaching, but it does.

I am constantly evaluating the students and me. I have my doubts at time, but I always know that I have another opportunity to reteach the lessons that totally bummed. 

We are given second chances,......and sometimes third chances when we need them.

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