Thursday, March 7, 2013

Patty is back, and she is Winning!!!


A few months back, I wrote a post about working out with Patty.

At that time, Patty was getting ready to have a mastectomy.

Well, Patty had the mastectomy and ten lymph nodes removed, and she is back and is working out with the greatest trainer in the world, Berhane. (Amazing!)

Patty and Berhane

Monday, Berhane told me that Patty had been working out, and I was in total disbelief. I thought that after her surgery, she would need a long time to recover. However, two weeks after surgery, here are some of the things that Patty has been doing:

Patty told me that after her surgery, she would not be allowed to leave the hospital until she could stand up on her own. Well, thanks to Berhane, who makes us sit and stand while holding one leg in the air, within 24 hours of surgery, Patty was able to stand and go home. (God is good!)

Berhane, who takes our health seriously, told me that when Patty returned, her stomach was a little puffy, and he asked her about her diet. Patty explained to me that she was nauseated at times and was told to eat foods that she could keep on her stomach. Of course, the list included foods that Berhane would never approve of such as sorbet, which is high in sugar. And, when Patty returned, Berhane knew right away that she had been eating foods high in sugar, and I know that she was given the Berhane speech about eating foods that are good for the body. (Berhane will not let us use any excuses EVER!)

A few days before the mastectomy and lymph node removal, Patty was on vacation at Disney World, and she saw a sign that stated "You can not do anything alone; you need other people," and Patty has found this quote to be true with her fight with cancer. Patty stated that there were times when she would literally crawl to the car, because she was not feeling well enough to work out, and Berhane would say to her "Get up, and think that there is nothing wrong with you," and she would do just that and complete her workouts AND feel better. (Berhane accepts no excuses, and People need other people!)

Patty needed to be able to raise her hands over her head in order to start radiation, and with the help of Berhane, she was able to raise her hands over her head, and she starts radiation today. (GLORY!!)

Now, Patty's story is one that must told:

Patty is a health care professional who had mammograms every year. Because she has thick breast tissue, her last mammogram showed nothing in the breast area and no lumps were felt on the clinical exams by four different doctors. They only found a swollen lymph node. Patty had a biopsy on the lymph node, and it showed that she had breast cancer and then the MRI showed three tumors with one being 3.7 centimeters. And, the journey began........

Despite the Stage III Breast Cancer Diagnosis, chemotherapy treatments, major surgery, and the current radiation treatments, Patty's strong, positive energy surrounds us all.

Patty has a strong group of friends who are helping her to research how lives can be saved through proper diagnosis for women with thick breast tissue. Patty wants to make sure that others DO NOT end up with late stage cancer that could be prevented with proper diagnosis.

Well, you know that I love Robin Roberts and her courage, and so does Patty. Patty's spirituality is getting her through this, and Robin’s quote “ This too shall pass; now will be good!” is taped to Patty's bathroom mirror.

Now, Patty is proof that working out is good for the body, our diets are extremely important, that people need other people, and the idea that anything is possible.....

Patty has experienced an outpouring of love that she surely appreciates and can never get enough of....... Sooooo, keep it coming!

Patty continue to inspire us PLEASE!!!!


Tracy Ricks said...

Totally awesome!!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the update on Patty. I met Patty at Berhane's. So glad to hear that she is staying strong.

Jacqueline said...

Yep, quite awesome right?

Jacqueline said...

You are welcome Marilyn... You know that with Berhane it is impossible to NOT be strong :)

Ree said...

I just shared this blog (and the previous one about Patty) with a friend that is going through the same thing (same type of physical features and the same findings). I am hopeful that she will be inspired by these blogs. Thanks for sharing Patty's story!

Jacqueline said...

Ree, I am grateful that Patty let me tell her story, and I pray that your friend is Blessed by it.

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