Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Got The Power!

It's the last day of February, and it has been a GLORIOUS month!

Tracy and I are so excited about exercising the power that God has given to us and honoring the people of the Montgomery Boycott. And, we are also happy that so many people joined us on this journey. (People need other people!)

Earlier this week, Tracy sent me a video of the song "Ain't no stopping us now," because ain't no stopping us now......

One of my co-workers has been on this journey, and she gave up potato chips. She has not had a chip all month, and she is planning to stay on this journey until at least after Easter. I am hoping that she stays on this journey of self discipline forever, but her journey is her journey!

I have not had any artificial sweeteners, I wrote twenty-eight blogs that I absolutely love this month, and No FACEBOOK. I feel extremely powerful.... Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

Sooooo, let's hear from Tracy and some others who decided to take this journey with us:


"The self discipline fast went very well for me. I gave up all processed foods which included sweets, chips, and all other man made junk food. (lol) I ate only fruits, vegetables, and boiled or baked seafood. I also fasted from any food from 7pm til 7am!! I also gave up facebook and replaced that time with more prayer, and I completed numerous books! I feel so great knowing that nothing (but God) has control over me.."Whom the son set free is free indeed," and, I got the power!! As for our kids, Tia, our 7 year old, was the only one who made it through the month without any slip ups! I remember a few nights ago we were out, and someone offered Tia some Hawaiian punch, and she boldly said "No, I'm fasting red juice." (lol) I have learned that self discipline is a muscle that must be developed in ALL of us, and I applaud all of our children for their courage to attempt this 28 day journey! As for me, this journey will not end here, but I will continue to practice self discipline as a part of my lifestyle, and I feel GREAT!!!"

Testimony #1

"I am so glad that you and your sister decided to fast for Black History Month. I decided to be intentional about my reactions to people and situations in honor of my ancestors who sacrificed their lives for my future,. We live in a fast paced, instant, selfish society and people often only think about themselves. We, excuse my French, I often react when I feel that someone has wronged me, or I am misunderstood, or even when people are rude. During this month, I took the time to not respond, not to be so easily offended, keep silent, or even speak life. I am part of an higher education community that is experiencing some racial tension. I received a message from a young white female who is concerned and fed up with some things that have been said by a young black male student. She said, "I like the way you explain things because I know it's from a place of passion and not out of bitterness." This is what happens when you attempt to live in the Imago Dei."  

Testimony #2

"When I began the "Discipline Fast" I chose to fast sweets from my daily meal plan. No chocolate, donuts, cookies, or Little Debbie snacks for the month of February. The first week was really hard, as I could feel my body craving just a little something sweet. The second week was easier, and the third week got even better! By the end of the fast, I felt like I had gained control over my body and beat "the sweet monster cravings!" Anything you don't give life to, will die! As a result of the "Discipline Fast" I shed 11lbs in 27 days!!!"

Testimony #3

"My testimony... All my life I have really loved dairy foods, and I have chewed gum like every day, even in my sleep. I know it sounds crazy. But being under Pastor Tracy, when I prayed and fasted, I have been delivered from those things. Since the fast started, I feel so much better! It works, Praise the Lord! I thank GOD for her; He puts people in our lives for change!"

Testimony #4

"In my quest to do something for the month of February, I decided to do something for others by giving blood and participating with a mission group. For myself, I gave up sweets, increased my veggie intake, and increased my workouts. There were a couple of weak days, but overall, I did something! I'm grateful that my friend Jack came up with this 'initiative!"

Testimony #5

"The fast went good; this is what my body needed due to the food poison that I had a week ago. I must practice fasting on a regular basis and this will give me a clearer vision on my goals and will be beneficial to energizing my brain and body health."

Testimony #6

"My fast was not to watch any secular television only Gospel/spiritual. This fast helped me to become more disciplined with my prayer times, reading the Word of God, as well as, other books. I accomplish more during my evenings now. Also, now I go to bed without my television on (this is something I never did in the past, my TV always put me to bed at night. (LOL!) When the fast is over, I will continue to limit my time watching secular TV."

Testimony #7

"I did cut back and cut down on my choices of what to drink and sweets. I was blessed, because I didn't realize how much time I spent unconsciously snacking. I replaced the snacking with reading or studying. I have enjoyed the journal and actually seeing how my time was spent. My new book should be here tomorrow, and I'm excited about reading it and continuing the mentoring. Have a blessed night."

Our Power Movement is a success, and "Ain't no stopping us now!"

I'm going to leave you with "Ain't No Stopping Us Now:"


Tracy Ricks said...

Yes, yes, yes, we are on the move and yes we have the power!! Another great blog with awesome testimonies!! Thanks for sharing! Still excited!!

Jacqueline said...

I'm extremely excited as well!!

Boss Life said...

Whoooop whooop! That's me on my discipline train! I'm moving and staying on God's track!!!

Jacqueline said...

Natasha, you are completely awesome...

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