Saturday, February 16, 2013

Favor, Awesome Friends, or Both!

Nancy and Me!

I am honored to have some awesome people in my life, and I truly appreciate that they think of me!

Because of Nancy, Berhane and his wife, three more of Nancy's friends, and I were given the really awesome opportunity to visit the grounds of The White House in order to see The President take off to do the very important work that he does.

I felt sooo honored to see the Commander in Chief off, and I felt like I was representing all of the Africans who were turned into slaves, all of the people of the Civil Rights era who are not here to see this, my mom who really wants to see this man in person, and my dad whom I know would be glued to the TV all day, everyday, following every one of President Obama's moves.

When President Obama walked out to board Marine One, his helicopter, I felt such pride.

He came out, waved at us, got on the helicopter, and took off......

Everyone, about seventy-five to a hundred people, were silent after he took off, but I said something like "This is awesome."

Eventually, people started to clap.

We took a few pictures after that and left.

I've been somewhere between disbelief, total joy, complete pride, and a whole bunch of other emotions,


it just happens to be Black History month, and We Are Doing It!

Long Live President Barack Hussein Obama.......

Was this God's favor, or do I just have awesome friends who always think of me, or both?

I'm going with the idea that I'm highly favored with some of the best friends.......

Favor is running me down!

Here are pictures from my White House visit:

Where people who work for The White House works!

My Soul is very pleased........

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Tracy Ricks said...

Totally awesome!! Great pictures too!!

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