Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh, How I Missed This Good Habit.......

Just the two of US????

In a previous post I talked about that fact that I have not ridden my bike since before Christmas, and I really missed it; Biking is my good habit that has made me its slave.

I've been checking the weather all week, and it was predicted that the weather today would be around 45 degrees and sunny. (Good weather for winter biking!) I have been anxiously waiting for today....

After church, I hurried home to cook and prepare for my 3:30 bike ride. I called the bike shop around one to make sure that Philip knew that I was coming to do the Sunday bike ride.

Of course I got to Spokes bike shop early to talk and to also get my bike checked out before the ride:

My favorite Bike Doctor!

For awhile I thought that it would be just Philip and me, and I was okay with that! Then, this rider who oftentimes rides with us showed up, and it was on.....

Three Amigos!

We did our regular, hardcore bike ride to DC!

Philip is such a great ride leader! Today, he showed me how to draft, which is basically getting as close as possible to the bike in front in order to get in its wind. In another riders' wind, a rider will use less energy, and I needed this today because it was super windy. The wind made me feel like I was riding up a steep hill until I got behind Philip. At one point I started to slow down, and Philip turned around and asked, "Are you going to get behind me or what?" I was laughing on the inside; Philip does not play!

This month, in order to honor the power that God has given us and to honor the people of the Montgomery Boycott, many of us are giving up something and replacing that with something else; If a person gave up juice, then that person may need to replace the juice with water. Right? So, the person may start to really love water and realize that the body loves it as well, and the person may become a slave to drinking water. (Developing a good habit!)

Develop good habits, and become their slave.

Well, that is what has happened to me. I've become a slave to biking, and I can not go long without doing it. My body loves it, and so do I. It makes me feel invincible, especially when I can keep up with Philip.

My people, let's develop good habits and reap the benefits.

Let's Do This People!


Tracy Ricks said...

That was very inspirational! Love this blog!

Jacqueline said...

Tracy, in order for us to fly, sometimes we need to get in somebody else's wind.... Use the wind when you need it

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