Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's the Simple Things!

In a post back in August, I wrote about Waiting. In that post, I was encouraging myself and others to stop waiting to do whatever it is that we wanted to do: a new job, more free time, peace, a new boyfriend/girlfriend, a healthier life style etc.

A few days later I took my hybrid bike to Vermont to do a biking trip with Bike Vermont. On that trip, I saw people who were much older than me gracefully riding the hills, while I was struggling on those same hills. I do not want to imply that I should be riding better than the others, because they were older, but I had been doing great workouts, so I knew that I should at least be able to keep up with them. Being a little envious, I really wanted to ride just as gracefully as the other bikers. After much observation, I realized that it was my bike; I needed a more powerful bike in order to really enjoy my bike rides more and keep up with the other bikers.

After I had that aha moment, I wrote a blog titled I Get It. I wrote that I may know one reason why people wait: FEAR. I learned this after realizing that the reason that I did not have one of those powerful bikes is because I was afraid of the feet clips, the speed, the power etc. However, on that trip, I faced my fears, rode a more powerful bike, and was determined to buy a more powerful bike once I got back home.

Once I got home, I went on a mad search to find a powerful bike, but I learned quickly that those bikes cost about three months of my mortgage payment. (Really!) So, I had to go with the layaway plan. (Yes, there are stores that still have layaway.)

Last week, I got my new bike out of layaway, and yesterday, I took my first ride on my powerful bike. All I can say is that I had the best ride that I have ever had. When I got home from the ride, I felt soooooo happy. I thought about my new bike all night, and I couldn't wait to leave work so that I can ride it again.

People, whatever you are waiting to do is more than likely not as scary as you may think. Those feet clips are very easy to get in and out of, and the speed of the bike is so manageable and not scary at all; it's actually really enjoyable.

Face Your Fears, and Enjoy the Ride.

It's The Simple Things like riding a great bike, working out with the greatest trainer in the world, running into a friend randomly and having dinner, lying on my mother's couch, reading a good book etc.  that really make me so happy. I notice and greatly appreciate The Little Things!

My new bike!

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Tracy Ricks said...

Soo happy for deserve it!!! PLEASE don't let NObody steal this one. Lol eventhough i know you got insurance on this baby! BEAUTIFUL!!

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