Friday, February 20, 2015


Tracy and the kids!

I was talking to my sister, Tracy, about change.

We came to the conclusion that once change occurs, it always seems like it happened suddenly.

For instance, it seems like it was not that long ago when Tracy and I were playing paper dolls, visiting each other at the respective universities that we attended, talking on the phone to each other whenever we felt like it once we were grown. (I'm not sure if we are grown yet.) And, Suddenly things changed....

Tracy met Rex and along came these three kids who are old enough to talk, bathe themselves, have opinions etc. (How and when did this happen?)

Recently, I flew to Atlanta, and Tracy and her family, mom, and I drove to Alabama. The entire time I was thinking: "How in the world did we get to this point; who are these kids and husband, and how did they get here?"

Tracy went into Subway to get the kids something to eat, and she knew what every kid wanted without them telling her. I was thinking: "Tracy is grown with kids, and she even knows what they want." When in the world did this happen, and it sure seems to have happened suddenly?

Tracy and I discussed this, and she said that sometimes she looks at her kids and think, "How and when did they get here." (Yes, she loves being with them but....Whose kids are those?)

And, that's the beauty of God... When we get what we want, it always seems like it happened suddenly. It's like he plays tricks with our minds, and we can barely remember when we were doing our parts and waiting for him to manifest our desires.

Do you remember when I injured my knee cycling? Well, I did not ride my bike for awhile, and whenever I would go to the gym, I would only do upper body work. However, suddenly, my knee pain was gone and I was running stairs again, doing squats etc. (It almost seems like some type of miracle.)

I know that you have similar stories... One day you woke up and had the job of your dreams, the spouse of your dreams, the life of your dreams suddenly.

I've been reminding myself to not complain on my journey, because when things change, and they do change, they change suddenly.

Thanking God, Today, for Sudden Change...Even when the change may appear to not be good!

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