Thursday, February 26, 2015

Heavy Favor!

Papers, Papers, Papers

I have learned, and believe me when I say that it has been a process, to not complain about things that I have absolutely no control over such as the weather. I try to take the weather as it comes.

Yesterday, it was predicted that it would be snowing during the morning rush hour, and that normally means that schools would have delayed openings or would be canceled. With that knowledge, I took the million and one papers home that I needed to grade. (The snow days last week got me behind.)

Yea, I really wanted a delayed opening or a cancellation, but I also did not want Patty, my teammate and friend, South Africa flight to be canceled. Yep, South Africa! Patty is doing a triathlon in South Africa this weekend.

So, I went to bed with the peace that God would work this thing out.

Around 5:38 this morning I got a text from Patty that stated "I know you have a delayed opening, but my flight is on schedule. Sleep well, Jackie." My people, God gave us both what we needed. However, what Patty did not know is that the delayed opening turned into a day off.

The snow stopped around 10, and the streets in my neighborhood were cleared early. I laid down for awhile, watched Good Morning America, and scurried to the gym. I finally ended up at my home office, Wholefoods, to work on those one million papers that needed to be graded.

I sat and graded and graded and finally my pile dwindled down to nothing. My people, that burden was lifted, and tomorrow at school, I can work on some other things. (It sure feels good to be caught up.)

When I get a blessing, even something as small as a snow day, I try and seize the day.

By the way, I checked my work email, and guess who is going to be presenting on Teaching Diverse Literature at the Advanced Placement Conference in Austin, Texas in 2015???


A Snow Day and Confirmation that I will be presenting at a professional conference is HEAVY FAVOR!!!

Put your faith on the line, and expect some heavy favor.

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