Monday, August 25, 2014

The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore

Yesterday, I attended a book club meeting with my sorors and friends....

Yea, I absolutely love discussing books with these wise women, but what I love more than discussing the books is the fellowship and great food...Books, Food, and Wise Women equals PERFECTION!

At this book club meeting, we had a bonding activity which was baking and decorating Delta Sigma Theta cookies. You should have seen us in the kitchen talking, baking cookies, laughing etc. I am strongly encouraging ALL women to consider finding a circle of trust, make time for that circle, and value it. (People need other people AND women DEFINITELY need other women.)

Our book this month was The Supreme's at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat by Edward Kelsey Moore.

I read this book while I was in Ghana. Yea, I made time to read while I was away, and I instantly liked this book. Edward did a great job of setting a warm tone by allowing the reader a peek into the tight-knit community of Plainview, Indiana.

There are three main characters: Odette, Clarice, and Barbara Jean. They are good friends and have been friends for a long time. We got to experience their lives: the ups and downs, and the one thing that continued to come up at our book club meeting is the idea is that there is no normal; we get to create the life we want, and whatever we create is normal.

All three women in this book had different lives, different experiences, and different personalities, and through it all, they all created normal.

What is normal and not normal has been something that I have been struggling with, and I left the meeting feeling comforted in knowing that there is no normal.

My People, I am highly recommending The Supreme's at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat, and not because it is deep or highly literary, but because it is a book that may warm your heart.

It's the first day of school, and I am excited about NEXT!

Happy Monday, and Happy Reading.......

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