Friday, March 28, 2014

Blessed Assurance

Every time that I read the above quote, my heart skips a beat, and I think to myself Blessed Assurance that after always comes!

I have been on this earth for quite awhile, and I can not remember one time when Spring did not follow winter; it has happened my entire life.

This winter, in the DC area, has been one that has made me think a lot about moving to Sunny California. You know how much I love the DC area, and I never, ever complain about the winter. So, if I had California on my mind, then that should explain the kind of winter that we had.

Tuesday, March 25, YES, almost the very end of March, it snowed just about the entire day, and it was COLD. I finally succumbed to the Blessed Assurance that Spring will come exactly when it is suppose to. There is always an after.

Applying the above quote to other areas of my life, I feel so excited to know that after everything that we go through, Spring always come.

If we would just hold on when we are going through things, the seasons should remind us that there is always an after... The Clouds always move back, and the sun does shine again, and this is a Blessed Assurance.

Today, it is still winter in the DC area and many other parts of the world, BUT Spring always follow winter...

Blessed Assurance!!!

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