Friday, March 7, 2014

What I do.......

Now, I know that I talk a lot about taking care of our temples on this blog, but I have never really told you guys how I do this. So, here it is....

I plan, plan, plan, plan, implement, implement, implement, and make no exuses ever...

I am very fortunate that I have a schedule that is the same most of the time, and I always, typically, know in advance when I will have things to do after school like meetings, dentist, doctor's appointments etc., and I plan my eating and exercise around these things.

I live by the calender, and I have a calender on my desk at school that has every school activity on it. I also add my personal appointments to this calender so that I know exactly what is going on in my life most of the time. And, I make sure that I plan my meals and exercise according to my appointments that are set in stone. Also, I religiously use the calender on my phone as a backup for my school calender.

On Sundays, I spend time thinking about what I am going to eat for the week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Then, I go to the grocery store to buy the things that I need for the week, and that's all. I spend quite a bit of time on Sundays cooking things to get me started for the week, and I normally cook again one more time during the week to replenish my cooked food supply. Luckily for me, I don't mind eating the same things over and over.

Old fashion oatmeal with cinnamon and a few blueberries
Egg whites with sauteed spinach and mushrooms ( I saute the vegetables than combine them with the egg whites and bake enough for the week on Sunday.)

Lunch and dinner will be any combination of these things: (vegetables and lean meat)
sweet potatoes
kale soup
kale pesto

cottage cheese
peanuts, cashews, and/or walnuts

lunch today: salmon, broccolini, and lentils...taste better than it looks!

I keep my meals very basic. I prepare them in advance so that I can eat when I get home and do not feel the need to stop anywhere to get something quick, and I eat leftovers often. Preparation of  meals is imperative for me so that I can make sure that I eat things that are good for my body most of the time. Also, I try not to eat out Monday thru Thursday, PERIOD!!!

I have found that if I exercise at the same time on most day, then I can work everything else around my exercise time. So, I exercise every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4pm. Everybody who is in my life know where I am at 4 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I make no excuses to not get to the gym at 4 on these days.

On Wednesday, I may or may not have a faculty meeting after school so, I plan to workout later on Wednesdays. This winter, on Wednesday nights, I have been taking a compu-training class, a class where we bicycle on the inside. I make sure that I am at that class, and I schedule everything around my Wednesday night class that starts at 6:30.

Friday is my free day.

On Saturday and Sundays, I get up as early as I can, and I run or cycle. Lately, I've been cycling, because my cycling team rides every Saturday and Sunday. I like to workout early on the weekends so that I have the rest of the day to have lots of fun doing whatever I want to do.

Yea, I know that this all may sound boring, but I have found that if I am on a routine with eating and exercising, then it's all good. Without a plan, I may or may not take care of my temple the way that I am suppose to, and that does not add the natural boost to my life that I need.

So, this is my plan, I can't wait to hear your plan....HOLLER!!

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