Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I Know For Sure Thursday: Ain't No Bond Like The Tuskegee Bond....

(This post is about the Historically Black Colleges and Universities experience. So, if you went to a HBCU, Enjoy. If you didn't  go to a HBCU, learn.)

People who attended Historically Black Colleges or Universities, typically LOVE their schools. The love runs so deep until people will almost come to blows if you talk to much trash about their schools. I vividly remember one of my friends, whom I met at Michigan State, saying something about Tuskegee that I did not appreciate, and I will not even repeat the things that I had to say to her. We happened to be visiting Cincinnati at the time, and I was driving, and she almost got her butt left right in Cincinnati while I made my way back to Michigan. You don't talk badly about Tuskegee.....

All TU People!

Now, I have seen the bond among people who attended other HBCU's, but Ain't No Bond Like The Tuskegee Bond. For some reason, our bond runs deeper than most.

I saw Sabrina while driving in DC, and I had to stop traffic in order to speak to her:
Three TU Women

Many people who attended Tuskegee feel that this tight bond exist because of the location of the school. Tuskegee is located in a very small town and the only thing in the town is The University. There are no outlets for fun except what the students create, and boy did we create a lot of fun. Many are convinced that the fun that we created caused us to bond and bond deeply.

Two TU graduates and an adopted member!

I have heard others who think that the Tuskegee bond is spiritual. They believe that something about the founder, Booker T. Washington, being buried on the campus, caused us to bond with the University on some type of spiritual deep level that we just can't shake.

Four TU graduates

I'm not really sure why, but Ain't No Bond Like The Tuskegee Bond....

Brandi with three TU ladies

When Tuskegee people run into each other, even if they did not know each other in school, there is some sort of excitement in the air. We will hug and normally scream and talk like we have been knowing each other forever. And, if there is a lot of us together, we will talk and reminisce about Tuskegee and forget that there are other people in the room. The love is real and genuine. Also, if you marry someone, or date someone, or hang around someone who went to Tuskegee, you will get adopted into our family and the bond, and you really don't have a choice about the matter.

TU Grads

Many people, even those who went to other HBCU's, do not understand the Tuskegee bond, and many think that we are some type of Cult. This always make me chuckle.

For instance, in DC, we are fortunate to have a TU graduate who is an event planner. And, this weekend for the Delta's Centennial celebration, Chee Chee, the TU event planner, threw two parties. Now, if you went to Tuskegee, you would definitely try, with all of  your might, to attend one or both of these parties, because Skegee folks would be in the house, and we were. At the parties, all of the TU folks gravitated to one part of the room and we hugged, reminisced, sang Tuskegee songs, and literally forgot that other people were in the room. Man, it was literally like a mini homecoming. Love was all over the place. 

Two TU graduates!

I know other folks who went to HBCU's, and their bonds are deep, BUT...

What I know for sure on this Thursday is Ain't No Bond Like The Tuskegee Bond!

It's CRAZY and not easy to understand, but IT IS GOOD!

Peace, My People.

I'm going to leave you with one of our FAVORITE school songs: Ball and Parley!


Tracy Ricks said...

Awe!! So glad I'm an honorary alumni. Lol love ya'll skegee people and still trying to figure out why. Smh

candi said...

Lol! @ Tracy. Just can't help it. It's all about TU!

Jacqueline said...

Candi, the people love us and don't know

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