Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Road Tripping and Emma

95 South 

I drove to Atlanta for Christmas last week, and I stopped by the library to checkout an audio-book for the road trip.

One of my students did a presentation on the novel Emma by Jane Austen, and she absolutely loved. And, I read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and I loved it. So, I decided to give Emma a try for my road trip, and Emma is an awesome novel.

Emma Woodhouse, the main character, is convinced that she does not want to get married, because she wanted to take care of her father since her mother was dead. However, Emma thought that she was a matchmaker. She tried to help her friend, Harriet, find love. The man that she picked for Harriet made it clear that he did not love Harriet and this caused quite a bit of confusion and suspense in the novel and helped to keep me alert on the road trip.

After a slue of other incidents took place and so many interesting characters were introduced, Emma eventually fell in love when she least expected it and got married.

This book was great for a long road trip, because it was long and interesting. Jane Austen gave so many details, and it took quite a bit of concentration in order to follow this novel. This novel is great to strengthen ones comprehension skills, because there are lots of details that must be followed carefully.

If I had read this book instead of listened to it, I am not sure if it would have kept my attention. But, Pride and Prejudice had lots of characters and details, and it kept me entertained so, I really don't know.......

If you want a novel with a very simple story line but written with great care, then this is the novel for you.

Audio-books are the best!!!!!

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