Friday, January 11, 2013

Checking In....

My seniors from last year crossed my mind! So, I sent them an email to find out how things are going, and this is what I got:

Response #1

Hi Ms. Stallworth! 

I'm doing very well! I'm over at George Mason now. I'm not very sure what my major is yet, but I'm leaning towards the medical field. I think the toughest part when heading into college is not really knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life. I actually ran into AJ the other day and we were talking about you! AJ says 'hi' by the way. How have you been doing? I hope your senior and freshmen class aren't giving you a hard time. Thank you for checking up on me!

Response #2

Hey Ms. Stallworth!

How are you? I'm doing good in NYC. Im adjusting living in my own apartment. I'm going to fashion institute of technology and working at juicy on fifth ave. I'm having so much fun here!! I've had the opportunity to meet Kim kardashian and Alessandra ambrosio , a Victoria secret model, during fashion week. I'm about to start interning for this blog site called, Hollywood life , and my duty will be attending events and writing entries about the event. I'm going to fashion week which I'm very excited. I passed my semester with a 3.5 GPA. My classes have been very engaging. My teachers are people who helped start Georgio Armani get famous and was the vp of Calvin Klein. They are huge inspirations and I'm blessed to go to the school. If you're ever in NYC, come visit me!

Reponse #3

 Yes, I love it here at JMU the professors are awesome and lots of great people and classes! :)

Response #4

Hi Ms. Stallworth, 

Everything is going great! I'm enjoying college and am learning a lot about things, even life in general. It's been a real eye opening and a maturing experience. I wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher. How are things with you? 

Response #5

Good Morning Ms. Stallworth!

College is great! I love the freedom and just being able to do whatever you want. When I first got here, I was home-sick for about two weeks and wanted to stay in my room all the time because I didn't know anyone. But I ended up making friends from all over Virginia and the east coast. It's cool getting to know people who have different ideas than I do and also makes me thankful that I was able to grow up in Arlington. I never realized how much parents influence their children's ideals/beliefs and how it reflects in their children's life decisions. Before coming here I never thought I would be friends with a Republican because of our opposing views but it wasn't ever issue. Until the election rolled around and we were always on edge because we didn't want out candidate to lose. Obama won and I'm glad I was able to vote for him! Definitely a highlight of  freshman year! I wish I could go to the inauguration but I'll watch it on tv. First semester as a Bio major went alright, I ended up with a couple of B+'s, B's, and B-'s. I took a writing course which involved writing papers every week and ended with writing a 10-page research paper. It was painful for me but I was able to manage ha. I also attached one of my essays in case you wanted to read it.  I hope your year is going well and your love for Toni Morrison!

 Life of Pi was also made into a movie!

To be young, to be young, to be young with your WHOLE life ahead of you.................

Conformation to keep doing what I am doing!!!

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