Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer 2015 was NOT all studying!

Colgate University

Now, I did spend three weeks studying Abolitionism and The Underground Railroad, but do not think that I did not make time for pleasure.....

Our daily sessions ended at noon, and when we weren’t traveling to historical sites, I would eat lunch, go to the gym and ride my bike.. The cycling in Hamilton was what I would call a cyclist heaven: lots of rolling hills and very few cars.

Our weekends were free, and the first weekend in New York, a few of us traveled about 3 hours away to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls was on my bucket list of things to do, and now I can check that off....

On our next free weekend, a few of us traveled to Harlem, NY to partake in the Harlem Book Festival...We got there a little late, but we were able to peruse a few books, hear a panel discussion, and meet the director of the Schromburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

Director of the Schromburg
Panelist Professor Imani Perry
Lemar, fellow NEH participant!

Yea, I take my study time seriously, but I also take my downtime seriously as well....

Educators, go to the National Endowment's Website and look into these opportunities

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