Monday, January 26, 2015


I write about a lot of different stuff on this blog, but THIS IS A LITERARY BLOG!!!

I have been trying to figure out how to make all of my blogs about books easily accessible for people who don't want to read all of the other stuff that I write about.

So, if you scroll to the side of this blog, I created a tab that states to click the word BOOKS to see post about books! Well, when you click on that link, it gives you every blog that I have written about books; however, this did not satisfy my need to make the blogs that are written about books easily accessible. I decided to keep the tab there just in case someone has a lot of time and wants to scroll and scroll through a whole bunch of blogs about books.

I know that the right person is arriving in Divine order at precisely the right time. Wayne Dyer

So, you know that I totally believe that people need other people right?

I can't and won't live without people.....

So, I met this fellow literary blogger through my blog, and we eventually took our conversation off of the blog to emails. We discovered that we both graduated from Tuskegee, and you know that was an instant connections.

Well, I just love the layout of Shannon's Blog, and I sent her an email to see if she would give a girl some help, and she did.

We met up, and I feel like I have been knowing Shannon forever; I have officially claimed her as my new friend. (I know that the right person is arriving in Divine order at precisely the right time. Wayne Dyer)

So, this is one of the things that Shannon helped me with:

If you look under the title of this blog, The Big Sea, you will see a tab that states Links to Blogs Reviewed Here. If you click on that tab, you will see links to every single book, over 100, that has been reviewed on this blog. (EXCITED!)

I know a lot of stuff, I figure a lot of stuff out on my own; however, I still need other people, because I don't know everything, and I still need help.

Grateful that Shannon arrived in Divine order at precisely the right time!

I hope that you, My Readers, find this link helpful, and please offer any feedback on how I can make this content more accessible.

Have a great Monday!

People NEED other people or at least I do.......

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