Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's a New Year!

The holidays are officially over, and here are a few pictures:

Mom and sisters
Out with friends in Atlanta.
Working Out with the Greatest Training in the world, Berhane.
Cycling with my buddies on New Year's Day.
NYC to see Cinderella on Broadway.

I hope you had great holidays as well.......

Now, it's time for me to focus, focus, and focus and be the very best person that I can possibly me.

The greatest trainer in the world had me to take pictures so that we can pictorially track my progress. I will follow this new diet that he has given me, and I will see great results. The diet is doable for sure; it's just eating about six small meals a day.

I am currently reading three books and two are books that I know will help me to Live My Best Life. I will write blogs about all three books as soon as I finish them.

I am focusing on being a stronger cyclist, because I will be a better racer than I was last racing season. I see my name being in the top 10 every race.

I will cultivate all of my relationships, have courageous conversations when I need them, be intentional about every word that comes out of my mouth, travel, read great books, reach more students, do great professional development, stand on God's promises, and everyone around me and I are going to happily reap the benefits of me working on me in 2015.

2015 is my year of MANIFESTATION!

My people, consider writing your vision and making it plan.....

Happy Sunday, and Happy New Year!

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