Sunday, November 9, 2014

'Til the Well Runs Dry by Lauren Francis-Sharma

Friday, I got off from work and headed over to Starbucks to start reading Til the Well Runs Dry by Lauren Francis-Sharma. I only had about one hour and a half to read, and I needed to scurry off to a social gathering. However, I read those first two chapters and thought seriously about blowing off my social commitment and going home to snuggle up with this book.

If you don't know, then I must tell you... I am a sucker for love. I'm talking about that Teacake and Janie from Their Eyes Were Watching God kind of love, that Ossie and Ruby Dee kind of love, that Florida and James Evans kind of love... Can you feel me?

So, if a writer wants to hook me right away, all she has to do is start off by talking about love, and that is exactly what Lauren Francis-Sharma did in 'Til the Well Runs Dry.

The novel starts with the protagonist, Marcia Darcia, who is a seamstress, going to one of her customer's house to fit her for a dress. While at the house, Marcia caught the eye of an East Indian man, and he literally tracked her down and made her fall in
love with him. My people I was hooked.....

I went to my social function, but the minute I got home, I continued to read Til the Well Runs Dry until I couldn't stay awake any longer.

Saturday, I got up and did my normal routine that I normally do when I am not cycling: Whole foods for an omelet, latte, and time to read.

I started reading Til the Well Runs Dry, and before I knew it, I had been sitting in Whole foods for hours frantically reading this novel.

I was pulling for the protagonist, Marcia Darcia and Farouk Karam. But, we all know how love goes...The road to happiness is not always straight, or the love road may not lead to happiness at all.

Lauren pulled me into this book and kept me captivated with a plot that had many twist and turns and much suspense.

Eventually, I needed to leave Whole foods and try to do some other things, but I really wanted to know how the story would unfold for Marcia and Farouk.

I rushed off to get a tour of Frederick Douglass' house, I went to the Dr. King memorial to pay homage to this awesome man, and I finally ended up in a coffee shop in DC to continue to read this book.

This novel is set in Trinidad, and I love how Lauren used the culture and historical events in order to help drive the plot and keep me intrigued. The cultural piece of this novel reminded me a lot of the novel Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid.... Rich, Rich, Rich, mysterious culture!

Eventually, I left the coffee shop and rushed home to finish the last few chapters of this very suspenseful and well-written novel.

My people, I read all of the almost 300 pages in a day and a half, and I can't wait for Lauren to write another novel.

This is definitely one to add to your reading list!

Lauren Francis-Sharma

My next read is The Quest of the Silver Fleece by W.E.B DuBois

Read, Read, Read......

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