Monday, November 17, 2014

Cyclocross Race #5: Rockburn Cross

My category of CX racers raced Sunday at 10am. I got to the race site early, registered, pre-rode the course, watched a co-worker and team members race, and even took a few pictures in front of the toughest part of the course.

Toughest part of the course: I did not attempt to ride it; I ran it!

After I pre-rode the course, I thought "This is a tough course; I wonder how I am going to do?" However, just before my race, I was talking to a fellow racer who had just finished his race, and he said that "This course is very ride-able except that section in the back," and his statement gave me peace. (We must be very careful with our words... I wonder what would have happened if my fellow racer had stated that this is a tough course that was not ride-able.)

The whistle was blown, and we, female racers, took off. I was feeling really good, and I talked to myself throughout the race. I was telling myself things like "I feel good, I can do another lap, ride your own race, pain is temporary etc."

One of my teammates, Sean, was at the race, and Sean followed me over just about the entire course. He was calling my name, giving me pointers, riding along some parts of the course with me, and saying things like "I know you are in pain, but keep riding." Sean is the best. I can not even began to share how much Sean's yelling, screaming, and offering encouragement helped me. Some parts of the course felt lonely, and I wanted to give up, but when I would see and hear Sean, I knew that I could keep going. (People need other people!)

There was this one lady who was right behind me, and I was determined to not let her pass me, and that friendly competition coupled with Sean telling me to not let her pass me, helped me to use every bit of energy that I had left to sprint to the finish line.

My people, it is finally sinking in that I should ride my own race and not worry about the other racers as much. I need to ride as hard as I possibly can until the race is over. I was so sure that the cyclist who was behind me and I were the last two cyclist; however, there were several ladies who were behind us, and I am sooooo happy that I did not give up. I actually finished twenty-one out of twenty-eight.

For those of you who are new to racing, if you look at the column that is labeled laps, that tells you how many laps a person completed. And, if you look below my name, you will see that there are several women who completed two laps and there was even one lady who completed one lap. That means that they were pulled from the race because of their lap time. My people, for the first race ever, I was able to finish EVERY LAST ONE OF THE LAPS, and there was someone behind me.

Change can be so gradual sometimes, and if we are not carefully paying attention, we will miss the changes and forget to celebrate!

So, after this race, I am celebrating the fact that I was able to finish all three laps....Small Victories Count!

The next race is Saturday, and I am charged and energized and ready.....

Happy Monday, and Celebrate Your Small Victories!

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