Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Slippery Slope

I want to cycle until I leave this earth!

School is moving alone swiftly, and I absolutely love this time of year when we are on a roll: classes everyday without any breaks, establishing class norms, and a busyness that feels like real work is taking place.

With school starting, I am no longer in my controlled, food environment, and things that I should not eat are around daily. We have had pizza, donuts, pasta lunches etc. I've been doing ok, but not good. I ate the pizza, pasta, half of a doughnut, and one or two of the doughnut holes that I bought for the students... slippery slope.

I also must confess that I have been stopping by McDonald's in the morning to have a cup of coffee with one scoop of sugar and two creams. I have been meaning to stop, but...... slippery slope.

Well, I have been completely paranoid about this slippery slope that I have been on... yep, I got very angry with Berhane last week, because I thought that he was looking at my stomach in an accusatory way. He looked baffled and told me that it was all in my mind.... slippery slope.

My people, yesterday, I stopped by McDonald's, and they thought that I said eight sugars instead of a sugar, and the minute that I put it to my lips, I knew that this was far more sugar than I needed so, I threw the coffee away. I needed that wake up call.....No added sugar, and I won't touch sugar substitutes for no reason; I get enough sugar in peanut butter, fruits, and other foods. So, I am back to green tea unless I have time to have a latte with no sugar added.

Well, I gave myself a good talking to this weekend... There is no way that I will workout two times a day, and that's exactly what I have been doing at least three days a week, and sabotage those workout by being on that slippery slope.. doughtnuts means pizza and pizza means candy and candy means a drink and this means one pound a month then two pounds a month and ten pounds a year..then high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy, mood swings, medication.... slippery slope

I am not going down that road at all!

I love my health and being healthy more than I love food, drinks, sugar, my bed, rest, money...

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