Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cyclocross Race #3 and #4: DCCX

Day 1 of DCCX was completely fun...

The Friday before the race, the course was open for people to ride, and there were free cyclocross clinics. Of course, I attended the clinic and pre-rode the course. I had a lot of fun, and this made me completely excited about DCCX.

Coworkers and friends also pre-rode the course on Friday!

Saturday, I got to the race early and rode the course, and I was super excited that quite a few of my friends and fellow cyclocross racers were there, and I was going to race with my teammate Patty:

The ladies of veloworks!
Shanna: bad A@# cross racer!
Fellow racers: Emily and her husband!
Fellow racers and teammates: Sean and Tom
Tina and Brian: Teammates who came out to support!
Greg after his race!
A new fan!

My people, I got to the starting line, and I was not to nervous. The whistle was blown, and we took off. This course was extremely fun but difficulty and after the first lap, I was worn out. However, I kept on pedaling. After the second lap, I was pulled from the race, because the winner was on my tail.. I had completed two laps and the winner was completing her third lap. I was happy and sad at the same time. I wanted to complete three laps, but I did not have much gas left in my tank.(YIKES!)

The race environment turned into a festive environment with food trucks and BEER. Yep, there was lots of beer. I stayed at the races until around 6, because I wanted to support my coworker and friend, Rob, in his first race ever of any kind, and he was completely awesome:

Rob in his first race!

After Rob's race, I went home to rest and to get ready to do DCCX all over again....

Today, the course ran the other way, and I really needed to pre-ride the course. However, I was fearful to pre-ride the race, because I did not want to tire my legs out. (Bad mistake!)

I am happy that I read this word from Joel Osteen before the race:
"The race is not for the swift nor for the strong but for those who endure to the end." You don't have to finish first; you're not competing with anyone else. Just finish your course. Keep your fire burning.
The whistle was blown, and I made quite a few mistakes early on, because I did not pre-ride the course. My body was completely exhausted after the second lap, and I actually pulled off of the course, laid on my back for a few minutes, and continued the last lap. (I needed to catch my breathe!) AND, there was no way that I was going to get a DNF (Did not finish) next to my name.

Anyway, my teammate, Lydia, raced with me today, and quite a few fellow racers and supporters were at the races. Soooooo, everything is all right with the world.

Lydia and me!
My people!

Happy Sunday, My People!

I can't wait until the next race....

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