Sunday, July 27, 2014

Race #8: Shenandoah Time Trial

The Shenandoah Time Trial was held in the Shenandoah Valley which is about a two hour drive from DC. If you have not EVER been to the Shenandoah Valley, you MUST go. Shenandoah Valley is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains. The scenery there is completely amazing, and I am highly recommending it.

A Time Trial Race is a race where each cyclist is given a different start time, and each person rides the course as fast as he/she can to see how people rank in his/her respective categories. The course is normally out and back. The Shenandoah time trial was about 21 miles of some pretty steep climbs and some of what we call false flats; a road that appears to be flat but really is not.

I picked up Tina and Lydia, my teammates and friends, and we rode out to Shenandoah for the race. We got there early, climbed a few hills to warm-up, and we eventually started the race.

My people, I felt strong on this race. The hills were tough, but I must admit that I am climbing them a whole lot better than I was a few months ago. I ended strong and was greeted by my teammates and the lovely ladies of Sticky Fingers Cycling Team. 

We checked out the race results, stopped at a barbecue place where we sat outside and ate, and we drove back home to prepare to drive to Shenandoah the next morning. (Yes, we love cycling!)

The ladies of Sticky Fingers were hosting a pre-ride for the Page Valley Road Race that is going to take place next week. No, I'm not doing this race, I'll be out of town, but I couldn't resist doing another ride with the ladies of Veloworks and Sticky Fingers.

Tina picked Lydia and me this morning, and we drove out to the Shenandoah Valley AGAIN. We met up with the ladies of Sticky Fingers and the race organizer, and we rode the difficult course that has quite a few climbs. My people, I am getting stronger for sure!!!

After the ride, we went to relax at the house that the ladies of Sticky Fingers rented for the weekend, we ate at a very good restaurants with homemade burgers that were around $2.00. Yea, $2.00, and we drove home......

This was a very satisfying weekend in so many ways. My body is happy, because it got some great workouts, and my soul is happy, because I spent the weekend with some sho 'nuff good people!

Road racing season ends in August, and because August is a travel month for me, I will miss the last few races....

This racing season has been one of highs and lows with more highs than lows. I have learned a lot, met new friends that I will cherish forever, and I have gotten much stronger in a short period of time...

My take away from this season is "If We Put Time and Effort Into Anything, We Will Get Better!"

I wouldn't take nothing for this journey....HAPPY SUNDAY!

This fall and winter, I will attempt cyclo-cross which is a  cross between road racing and mountain biking. Cyclist race laps around a course which may have pavement, grass, sand, gravel, dirt, etc. while negotiating a number of obstacles that may require them to dismount and remount their bicycle. (Oh, Boy!)

Stay Tuned!

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