Thursday, July 24, 2014

Intentional Thursday: Gratitude!

This past week, we were suppose to practice Being Someone's Miracle by being intentionally present, with an emphatic heart, with everyone that we were in contact with.

My people, I was given soooo many chances to practice this week....

Last Thursday I went to a hip-hop concert with my dear friend Chee, and I was intentional with him. I tried to do more listening than talking and the evening was quite refreshing.

On Friday, I met my dear friend Levonia for lunch. I met Levonia when we were both freshmen at Tuskegee, and we have been friend every since. The lunch lasted for quite awhile, and I did not want it to end. I intentionally tried to do more listening than talking, and I felt soooo happy after having lunch with my old college buddy. Listening with an ear of empathy did my heart good.

Saturday, I went to visit my friend, Terry, after I cycled. Nope, I did not go home to shower, I just went to his house, and we sat outside and talked. I was intentional in the moments that we shared. However, I slipped up and gave unsolicited advice when he wanted to have a smoothie, but I instantly recognized the slip-up and instantly shut down the advice....I left his house feeling quite fulfilled!

Saturday afternoon, I went to visit my friend, Toya, who is expecting her first child. Her baby girl, Turner, is going to be here any day. We talked, shared ideas, and I felt that we were both listening with an emphatic ear. I had some things that I needed to share with her. I felt heard and not judged, and I tried to do the same for her... I felt real happy when I left Toya's.

Sunday, I biked with a whole lot of ladies, and I made sure to be intentional in every moment. When I finally made it home, I felt extremely happy and grateful. I was happy, because cycling makes me happy and grateful because the experience was good for my soul. I listened more than I talked and that felt extremely good.

Monday, I cycled early in the morning with my cycling buddies Patti and Tina. We had an extremely difficult workout that made me feel strong, and we ended our training ride at a coffee shop with lots of laughter and sharing. I was definitely intentional in every moment of that morning listening intensely to every word.

Tuesday, my friend Maya and her daughter, Zora, came over to swim. Maya and I haven't had a chance to catch up in quite awhile, and it was good to have catch up time. We shared things, and we both spent time listening and giving advice when it was needed... I was loving Maya's empathetic ear that was not-judgmental, and I tried to practice the same thing with her. This was a perfect encounter..

Tuesday night was spent with my friend and neighbor at the Lionel Richie concert. She and I both enjoyed this awesome concert, and it really was "Easy like Sunday morning!"....We had great conversations, and neither one of us felt the need to give any advice...That was quite refreshing.

I spent Wednesday and today with my dear friends, Tim and Dominic, and being with them just felt right. I listened to Dominic and Tim a lot and allowed them to just BE....Their needs and ideas were first, and guess what? My needs were met when I met their needs.

This week, I needed to practice being someone's miracle, and God gave me more than a few opportunities. Not sure if I was a miracle for anybody, but I sure was trying to be, and My people, this felt so good......

For this upcoming week, let's intentionally practice gratitude. Let's be in a constant state of giving praise to a higher being for EVERYTHING and not just the good stuff.

Do not waste one ounce of time complaining, use that time being grateful!

I have learned over the years to be grateful for everything. I think God daily for my cycling buddies, for my balcony with the rocking chairs, for my friends, for my 10 year old car, for my computer, for my trainer, for my desire to take care of my health, for my pool, for my summers off.... I Thank him for everything, big and small, all of the time.

Join me this week by being in an Intentional State of Gratitude!

I know that Gratitude changes Attitudes.....

Happy Intentional Thursday, My People!

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