Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seagull Century #2: What a Difference a Year Makes!

2013 Seagull Century Riding Partner:
Floyd who is 75 years old!

Last year, I showed up for The Seagull Century Ride, and I did not know anyone. I just knew that I wanted to ride the Seagull Century. Well, if you read that blog about that weekend, you know that I took one step, and God opened the doors wide, literally.

Well, what a difference a year makes.....

This year, I showed up, and I knew a lot of the other riders. This past year, I’ve met so many riders from all over the place.

The Friday before The Seagull Ride, I had the honor of riding with a group of cyclist who represented different cycling clubs, and My People, I was happy to be in that number!!

The Seagull Century Ride, itself, was just as awesome as last year's, complete with great people, food, weather, and scenery....

This year, I thought a lot about happiness, peace, and the NOW. And, I really believe that it is important that we all find things that bring us complete joy, and we must do those things. Also, what we love to do can not be dependent upon one person; the world is full of people so, why would we depend upon one person?

I can not even began to tell you how happy and at peace I am when I cycle with people. My happiness levels goes to the roof, and I know that happiness is medicine for the heart.

I sat on the beach the day after the ride, and the words that I continued to say over and over were "Thank You." I was saying these words to my creator, because I am so thrilled that I am in the place where I really, truly and deeply appreciate Right Now. On that beach, sitting with a friend, is exactly where I was suppose to be at the moment, and I made sure that I was present by appreciating every detail that surrounded me.

I noticed this man with two small children whom I assumed were his. One of the girls did a cartwheel, and then the dad did a cartwheel. Something about a grown man doing a cartwheel really made me glad.

This is a cartwheel!

Then the dad proceeded to stand on his head, and the girls were saying "Don't do that, you might hurt yourself." This made me chuckle. However, when this man stood on his head, this made me laugh OUT LOUD! I just happened to catch the headstand!

When we are present in every moment, JOY shows up everywhere...

My people, I will be doing The Seagull Century Ride for years to come, because it is good for my heart, body, and soul...

Get to living, My People...Tomorrow is not promised!


Carole said...

what a lovely joyous post! Thanks, Jacqueline!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for stopping by Carole!

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