Friday, October 25, 2013

Stand Still and Know That I am God!

The great poet, Nikki Giovanni, stated that there is no such things as writer's block. She believes that, sometimes, a person just may not have anything to write about. So, let me share my experience with what may or may not be write's block.

My writings come from my muse, my Guiding Spirit. I know that may sound crazy, but it is the absolute truth. Normally, I will sit down to write about a book or anything else, and the words just come to me. I never have to ponder how or what to write, the words just typically flow. And, that is why I have to do a lot of editing, because I allow my muse to use me, and then I go back and fix the problems that I can see.....

Since my last post, which was on October 17th, my muse must be taking a nap, because I have not been able to write. Yep, I finished reading Song of Solomon, and I had lots of incredible thoughts this time around, but for some reason, my muse has been telling me that it is not time to put those ideas into words, and I have obeyed. I know that the Song of Solomon post is coming, but I am not quite sure when. 

I have had some quite incredible things happen, some very good and some not so good, but I have been told to "stand still and know that I am God." So, I have been standing still. There are some things that I have been wanting to shout from the mountain top, but I have been reminded to "stand still and know that I am God."

So, I am sure that my muse will 'rise up' and summons me to write, but until then...

Know that I LOVE You!

"Stand Still and Know That I am God!"

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