Monday, October 29, 2012

Unexpected Holidays!!!!

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Yesterday, I went for a run with a friend who happens to also be a teacher. We talked about Hurricane Sandy and whether or not we would have school today. Beth came to the conclusion that we would have school today, but I didn't agree or disagree, because I knew that I needed the Unexpected Holiday, and I really wanted to believe that God knew it too and just might help a sister out.

After the run, I went to the grocery store, took a nap, and I did all of the other things that I normally do on Sundays. However, something about this Sunday felt differently with Sandy looming somewhere in the background.

Watching the news, I started seeing where school districts in the area were going to be closed today and tomorrow, and my district had not made that call yet, but I figured that they would. So, I started preparing to have today off by cooking dinner, washing my clothes, calling the trainer to make a morning workout appointment, making sure that everything was in order because there was no way that I was going to spend my day off doing house chores! NO WAY.......

I kinda feel like God is sending this storm just for me. Yes, I know that he has so many other children, but I believe, that this time, he was thinking only of me; I needed this mental break, and tomorrow is my birthday, and I know that he wants me to get some good rest on my birthday.

Sounds selfish right? But, can't children be selfish when it comes to their parents?

I am the youngest of nine, and my Dad knew how to make me feel, at least some of the time, that I was the only child that he had. I was in my high school's band, preparing to be in Tuskegee's band, and my Dad would come to just about every game. For the away games, we would need chaperons, and nothing made me feel more pride than telling Mr. D, our band director, that my Dad would be riding the bus, that Friday, to the game.

On game day, the two of us, all by ourselves, would drive to the school to catch the bus to go to the game. (I really wish that I could remember what we talked about on the way to the school.) My Dad would help out in preparing to leave for the game, and he would sit on the very first seat, looking straight ahead, as we ventured to the game. After our halftime performances, he would bring me a Coke, and I am not sure if he told me that he was proud of me, if it was showing on his face, or that Coke was his way of telling me, but I always felt that this man did all of this JUST FOR ME. At this moment, I feel the same way about God and this storm; He is doing all of this JUST FOR ME.

My Dad: All that I needed and so much more!

Last week was one of those weeks, and it took me the longest time to figure out why? However, after much thought, I realized why last week was tough; I was helping four classes of 9th graders to write high school essays about literature. (Oh My!) If I say that this takes 100% of my students' and my effort, that would be an understatement! Also, when I stated that we were going to write an essay, I got complete resistance. I had to spend some time explaining about the power of  thoughts, and that we can change the way that we feel about anything, if we would only change our thoughts. I had to go on to let them know that in order for me to get us to the point where we would complete this essay, then I MUST not have any resistance. The good thing about my students is that they bought into this idea, and I was able to start the writing process, and as stated previously, it completely takes ALL of my energy. So, after a week of some hard core teaching about essay writing, I know that God saw my need for a break and gave ME a surprise: An Unexpected Holiday!!!

Also, tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY! I was not planning to go to school anyway, but I want to believe that God sent this storm so that I could have the day off without having to use my personal leave. Now, my school has not stated that we are not having school tomorrow, but I am quite sure that we will not, because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! (As I am writing this, my phone rings, and it's my friend and coworker Angie, and she says "School is closed tomorrow.") See how God favors JUST ME sometimes......

So, this morning, I had a ridiculously, difficult workout with the greatest trainer in the world, I went to two grocery stores to make sure that I eat healthy on my time off, and I had my favorite breakfast from Wholefoods. I am planning to take lots of naps, read a lot, write, think, and do a whole lot of other stuff on MY Unexpected Holiday........

How great is MY GOD who can and will do THE UNEXPECTED!!!!!!!!

All of the people who are enduring this storm with me, know that God got this........

Enjoy one of my favorite Gospel Songs: "How Great is Our God!

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