Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Birthday!!!

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the day that I was born. I got my first birthday message around 6:30am, and they continued throughout today, and I am still getting messages today. (Grateful!)

Being that God sent a storm so that I didn't have to go to work on my birthday, I spent the day reading, thinking, and then I got restless around 3 o'clock.

"To Thine Ownself True."

I ain't the kind of girl who can stay in the house for days! Nope, that's not me.....

So, I went to Wholefoods to eat raw kale, string beans, a whole lot of other vegetables, and I had a latte.

I sat in Wholefoods and ate and talked to a friend on the phone, and then I went to the mall.....

I tried on a few things but left with nothing, and I was ok with not buying anything.

When I returned home, I had cured my restlessness and was able to pack my lunch for today and read.

The Birthday messages continued and continued, and I was told that I was loved more times than I could count......(Blessed!)

Being in my 40's, YES, my 40's, damn, I have learned "To Thine Ownself, Be True!" William, Shakespeare

What an awesome day....

BE BLESSED my people!!!!!!!!!!!

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