Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cyclocross Season #2: DCCX Race #1 (Almost)

So, this was the weekend for the much anticipated DCCX races...

It’s one of my favorite races, because they are held on the beautiful grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in the Nation’s Capital, there are lots of vendors including coffee and beer, and it attracts a huge, friendly crowd, and tons of racers.

I got up early and started doing my affirmations: “Ride my own race!” “Courage is feeling the fear and moving through it.” “I may not be the strongest, certainly not the fastest, but I’ll be d#@$ if I don’t try my best.”

I got to the race early to register and to talk to many of the other racers whom I have not seen since last racing season, like Ashlea. Do you remember me telling you last season about Ashlea who would breastfeed her infant and jump on her bike and race? Well, Ashlea is back this year, the baby is fifteen months old, and Ashlea is kicking butt. I was extremely happy to see Ashlae at the starting line. (Read about Ashlae here.)

This year, this race added a new feature called the flyover. The flyover is this steep ramp that is terrifying just to see. I went to the race site on Friday to try and pre-ride that flyover, but the race promoters were not having that. So, without being able to pre-ride the flyover to assure myself that I could do it, I tried desperately to not focus on the fear, but that flyover.....However, I was determined to not let the fear get the best of me, and I decided to take a deep breath and ride that flyover.

The whistle was blown, and we took off. I felt much stronger and more confident than I felt last year, and I rode my bike. However, when I got to that flyover, there had been a serious accident, and my race was postponed for a little while. Well, after that accident, I was completely not in the racing mood and therefore did not go back to the starting line, BUT I rode that course between every race and had tons of fun.

I felt good about my decision to not start the race again, and I also felt great riding that tough course over and over again just for fun. My favorite cycling photographer, Ben Kristy, even snapped an awesome picture of me as I happily rode that course.

Next week I am going to race both Saturday and Sunday, and I can’t wait!!! I can not even began to tell you the joy that CX adds to my life, and that joy spills over into other parts of my life.

My people, I am strongly encouraging you to find something that is good for your soul and body, that brings you complete joy, that is not dependent upon other people, and do it with your whole heart. As stated by Ray Lewis: “Passion is Free."

Find a hobby and become its slave!!!!

Happy Sunday, My People....

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