Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Race # 3: Tour of Page County

The Tour of Page County Stage Race was held in Luray, Virignia.

Luray, Virginia is a very hilly town, so that meant that every race included a whole lot of climbing. (Hills, Hills, and more Hills.)

For those of you who are new to racing like myself, this race included three different races: The Road Race, A Time Trial, and A Criterium. The scores were combined for all three races, and prizes were given to the top racers.

Team VeloWorks Warming Up Before The Race!

The Road Race was on Saturday, and it was about 42 miles of hills. I started off strong, but eventually I got dropped by the group, but I was determined to finish. I pedaled and pedaled and prayed. After over two hours, close to 33 miles, and over 1,000 calories, I finally made it to the finish line. When I got to the finish line, you should have heard the people screaming my name. My body was exhausted but my soul was content.

I finished last, but I was happy just to be in the race.

Right after the race with my teammate Lydia and her daughter!

The next race was the morning after the Road Race. This race was called the Timed Trial race, and each cyclist was given a time to start. My start time was 7:51AM. We rode approximately nine miles, and the nine miles were timed. I loved this race, because it was basically me and my bike trying to go as fast as we could. It took me over 30 minutes, I placed last, but I was happy to be in the race and to complete it.

After this race at about 1:30, there was The Criterium. The Criterium was basically riding a .8 mile circuit for a whole bunch of times. Before this race, I must admit that I was already exhausted, but there was no way that I could go home without competing in this race. 

Well, I rode and rode and pedaled and pedaled... I did about seven laps and then I was told that my race was over. (Relieved!)

I thoroughly enjoyed The Criterium, because I rode up this same hill seven damn times and did not quit. 

Yep, I was last, but I was in the race.

There is only way to go from here and that's UP!

I am falling completely in love with this amazing sport, and falling in love feels so good.

By the way, I must give a shoutout to my awesome team and to my friend, Patrice; their support and laughter made those hills so much more bearable.

Until the next time.....

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